SimpleWeight * Photo - Easy & Efficient Food Photo Diary


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开发商: Takayoshi Kurachi

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固件要求:需要 iOS 7.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。

  • 内容摘要
    "Record What you Eat" - The sister app of the weight recording app "SimpleWeight" is here!

    "SimpleWeight * Photo" is a food photo recording app.

    One of the keys to successful diet is to "Mind What You Eat".

    However, isn't it tough to search and count the calorie for every meal? You may keep up at first, but it's very hard to continue.

    "SimpleWeight * Photo" is just to take a photo before you eat. Record what you eat and review in Time Line View or in a Calendar View, and you'll see, "Oh, I had high calorie food too much today…" or "I need more fiber recently.", which helps you to naturally get a healthier eating habit.

    You can filter the photos by the Time Slot such as "Breakfast", "Lunch", "Supper", or by the Tags that you can add freely. This helps you to find out, for example, "What did I have for lunch in the past 1 month?" or "What did I eat when I dined out last time?" or "What did I eat with a lot of fiber in the past?", which is helpful to think of today's menu.

    In combination with "SimpleWeight", the weight recording app, this app gives you a power to efficiently control your weight and healthy diet!

    ***** Features *****

    - Quickly record photos with date, location, tags and comments. The date, time slot, and previously visited location are recorded automatically. (Input items other than the date and the time slot are not necessary. Use the only items you want whenever you like!)

    - Review your meal with the "Check Points". By setting the Check Points that you want to mind for your meals, you can check if it matches the check points for each meal. (Check Points can be added/edited freely in the settings.)

    - 4 ways of displaying your photo: List in Timeline View, Calendar View, Details View for each photo, and Full Screen View. Easily and quickly switch between views by right and left flick or tap gestures. You can zoom and pan the photo in the Full Screen View.

    - Always access to the "Filter" button at the top to filter the photos. For example, review what you had for dinner by selecting "Dinner" and list up or draw in a calendar in a second!

    - You can now use the "Silent Camera" option to take photo without worrying about the shutter sound when you are at a restaurant!

    - Minimal social sharing. Share only photos and items that you want to share with Twitter or Facebook.

    - You can take photos with this app, or you can also select photos from your camera roll or photo stream.

    - Use "Open Camera at Startup" option to quickly access the camera when you open the app.

    - NO fancy photo processing functions. This app is designed to focus specifically on quickly record what you eat. For a better recording experience, it does not cut your photo, and always maintains the original aspect ratio.

    - Calorie recording function is also available for expert users. It is not required, but if you know the calorie, record it and you can see the day's total calorie and the reminder of the calorie that you can take on the rest of the day.

    - Calculator for the Basal Metabolic Rate and the Required Calorie for a day, according to your height, target weight, age, gender and activity level.


    Build a healthy & happy diet habit with "SimpleWeight * Photo"! ;)


  • 版本中的新功能
    - Fixed the problem of not being able to post to Facebook.

    * If you still fail to post to Facebook in this version, please remove the app connection on the Facebook App/Web by choosing "Settings" -> ("Account Settings") -> "Apps" -> "Logged in with Facebook" -> "SimpleWeight * Photo" and clicking on the "Remove App", then log in again from "SimpleWeight * Photo" app and retry.

    - Fixed the problem of not displaying the photo list in the "Import from Album" screen when run on a Retina Display iPad with iOS 9.
    - Supported iOS 9 and 64 bit environment.
    - Other minor updates and bug fixes.


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