Infinite Storm: Rain Sounds


版本:8.21 | 124.6 MB


开发商: Adam Ware

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固件要求:系统要求:iOS 13.0 或更高版本。兼容设备:iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。

  • 内容摘要

    * Best Free Rain Sounds and White Noise*
    Infinite Storm gives you a constant storm to help you sleep, study, relax or provide you a way to hide your tinnitus and let you rest!
    We have been on the App Store for 8 years!

    Adjustable settings to add different sounds to your storm like thunder or other sound layers. Heaps of extras that you can add, including the ability to download featured sounds on demand! Also perfect for dock or next you your bed. You can control the sound levels so you can play it along with other music. We regularly update and add new sounds each week that you can download.

    Types of Different Sounds Included
    ~ Heavy Rain Sounds, Rain on Tin Roof, Thunder Storms, Light Rain, Forest Sounds, Birds, Rain on a Window, Beach Sounds and Waves, Wind through trees, Fan, White Noise, Lullaby’s, Wind Chimes, Meditation Sounds, Hail Storms, Waterfalls, Streams, Long Ambience, Rainforests, Caves, Airplanes, Rain on Concrete, Dark Noise, Pink Noise, Fireplace, Cat Purring and heaps more to download..

    Version 8 brings heaps of new features and exciting new ways to relax.
    Much improved features to make it easier to relax.
    ~ Improved interface making it easier to choose the sounds.
    ~ Great new backgrounds and rain animations or choose the classic backgrounds.
    ~ To make it easier to play the sounds you most often use we have created Top Picks For You, the Sounds and Timer options you use the most.
    ~ Better layout for iPad and larger screens.
    ~ We've improved the layout of Classic, Featured and Your Presets to make them easy to select.
    ~ Included multiple timers so you can choose a short or long time and turn on or off your the timer you want to use most often.

    With our latest update you can extend to Infinite Storm Premium!
    - Unlimited featured download slots, get access to all the sounds always.
    - Control each sound level individually.
    - Upgrade the featured sounds to a Higher Quality lossless audio file.
    - Get access to the special Rain Preset audio packs.
    - Access to the special Super Rain Preset audio packs.
    - Stream over Airplay where available.
- Synchronise featured sounds and presets across multiple iOS devices using the Infinite Storm Cloud-Sync.
    ~ For Infinite Storm Premium users your volume levels are also saved to your preset packs so your sounds stay exactly as you want them.

    We love to hear from you! Constant feedback is always welcome, If there is a sound you enjoy and isn’t available please let us know !

    ## What some of our users have been saying ##
    Love my #InfiniteStorm app! Sleeping better than I have in months - Taezar

    As a rain and storm lovers, this app is simply wonderful. The sound of the rain is really realistic, it goes from heavy to low now and then. Good for relaxing or simply if you want some rain. - Veltor

    Just wanted to tell you guys that i love this app. Might even be the best app I've ever downloaded. I'm a very light sleeper and your app allows me to sleep so soundly. I really appreciate it! And the new updates are fantastic!

    This app contains in-app purchases, to see the terms of services and use for this app please see the following URL https://infiniterelax.com/tos.htm


  • 版本中的新功能
    This version includes some behind the scenes changes that will help the app run smoother.


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