Away ~ Meditation & mindfulness to sleep, relax, focus, breathe


版本:2.2.1 | 71.0 MB


开发商: Franz Bruckhoff

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固件要求:需要 iOS 8.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。

  • 内容摘要
    Get Away from stress. Enjoy relaxing nature sounds & music. Day & night, morning & evening. Pick your favorite listening spot within this beautiful forest, and let your mind visit this place from far Away.

    Away is the sequel to Windy and Sunny. This time I wanted to create something very special for you. One beautiful forest scene with night, sunrise, day and sunset transitions. Choose your favorite time of day, move the virtual microphone around and hear how the sonic ambience changes.

    You will sleep, relax, meditate and focus better with Away because Away masks unwanted noise. Your ears will love Away because Away plays soothing high-quality nature sounds recorded in psychoacoustic 3D for stereo headphones. Your eyes will love Away because the forest comes as a motion-controlled 3D parallax illustration with daytime transitions.

    ≈ Guarantee: Away will never go free. ≈
    Purchase with no regrets.

    ≈ Second sequel to "Best of 2014" app Windy ≈

    Away features my best nature sound recordings from Hawaii and Germany. All nature sounds were recorded the way you hear: With psychoacoustic 3D sound field microphones. Over stereo headphones, you'll find yourself immersed in a forest far Away, with wind and leaves swirling all around you, birds singing during the day, Hawaiian Coqui frogs singing at night and distant American Bull Frogs resonating through the valley. Get closer to the river or waterfall or retreat to the calm pond in the back. In the morning, listen to the funny sounds of wild Hawaiian chickens recorded on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai. Hear birds waking up and birds singing. Away is a treasure chest of sounds. And if you like, blend in music composed for Away in Hollywood.

    ≈ Features ≈

    + 20 carefully recorded and mastered nature sounds.
    + Psychoacoustic 3D audio optimized for Apple EarPods & headphones.
    + A beautiful motion controlled 3D parallax scenery.
    + Mixer: Add music, tweak Away's volume.
    + Pick your favorite time of day and hear the soundscape adapt.
    + Drag the virtual microphone to find your favorite location.
    + Music composed for Away in Hollywood.
    + Universal app for iPhone and iPad.
    + Optimized for iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro.
    + Beautifully crafted audiovisual experience. Designed & developed by Taptanium.

    ≈ Questions? ≈

    Email franz taptanium com or send an email through the in-app contact support page. I'd be excited to hear from you.


  • 版本中的新功能
    + Bugfixes.

    Enjoying Away? Please let me know what you like about Away by updating your review. I read them all <3


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  • North Windford ~ Sleep Relax Meditate
  • Sleepy Fan - Get Restful Sleep with fan and white noise sounds
  • Sunny ~ Calm wave & ocean sounds to Sleep Relax Meditate on the beach with rain and sea birds
  • Flowing ~ Meditation & Mindfulness


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