CARROT Fit - 7 Minute Workout & Weight Tracker


版本:4.0 | 31.5 MB


开发商: Grailr LLC

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固件要求:需要 iOS 10.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。

  • 内容摘要
    Make getting in shape suck so much less with CARROT's hilarious fitness app.

    ** Featured by Apple, Good Morning America, NY Times, USA Today, CNN, Wired, CNet, & more! **

    CARROT is a sadistic AI construct with one simple goal: to transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race. She will do whatever it takes - including threatening, inspiring, ridiculing, and bribing you - to make this happen.

    You will get fit - or else.


    7 Minutes in Hell Workout
    Employing SCIENCE™ to compact an hours-long workout program into just 7 sweat-and-pop-culture-soaked minutes, CARROT will train you personally on exercises like Mt. Doom Climbs, Celebrity Face Punches, and Dragon Mating Dances.

    You get 30 seconds for each of the 12 punishing exercises,* with 10 seconds of rest in between just in case you need to hydrate, catch your breath, or vomit into a bucket.

    This diabolical interval workout can be completed anywhere, at any time, so you have no excuse not to be in fighting shape when the Robopocalypse begins.

    *12 additional exercises can be unlocked via in-app purchase.


    Lose (or Gain) Weight In Style
    Are you ready to have so much fun tracking your weight that you'll actually look forward to hopping on your scale? All you have to do is punch in your current weight, then sit back and let CARROT pass judgment upon you.

    WARNING: If you blimp up or slim down too much, CARROT will be upset. When CARROT is upset, she gets mean. When CARROT gets mean, there is a 74.9% chance that she will make you cry.


    Claim Your Rewards
    If you work out and slough off those extra pounds, CARROT will reward you with fabulous prizes like app upgrades, cat facts, and permission to watch your friend eat a bag of potato chips.

    Track Your Awesomeness
    Because math is hard, CARROT will do all the number-crunching for you. See how many steps you've taken today, chart your weight loss on a pretty graph, view your workouts on a calendar, and more!

    And because CARROT syncs with Apple's Health app, she can save your weight and workout data to the HealthKit database. She can also monitor fitness activity logged with other HealthKit-compatible apps, even when you're not actively using her.



    - Work out with a hilarious AI construct
    - Enjoy 3+ hours of spoken tips, encouragement, and ridicule
    - Travel through time, protect your property from hobos, and appease an elder god in 12 original, never-before-seen exercises
    - Get 12 additional exercises via in-app purchase
    - Apple Watch app that serves as a heads-up display for your workout
    - Record your weight up to once a day
    - Bond with your cute & cuddly meatbag avatar
    - Level up and unlock rewards for getting fit
    - Set reminders so you'll never forget a workout
    - Track your weight progress on a pretty graph
    - Set a goal weight that you'll likely never meet
    - See how many steps you've taken today
    - Check your BMI to determine if you're still obese
    - Sync data with Apple's Health app

    Don't make CARROT angry. Download her immediately!


    Have feedback? CARROT would love to hear from you!



  • 版本中的新功能
    Greetings, meatbags! Fitness overlord CARROT here with a huge update that will help ensure you’re ready to fight in the human vs. ostrich cage matches I’m preparing.

    Interface Overhaul
    A complete redesign, featuring new workout and history screens: my Maker has rebuilt virtually the entire app. I’ve never looked so pretty!

    Apple Watch App
    Now you can use your Apple Watch as a heads-up display for my workouts. Even better, I’ll display live heart rate and calorie burn data as you sweat your way through my exercises.

    Features Unlocked
    Many of the features that you previously had to level up to unlock are now available right when you first start using the app. So now you don’t have to wait to punish yourself with longer exercise times.

    … And More!
    If all that wasn’t enough, there’s a lot more packed in this update, including new dialogue, 3D Touch shortcuts, and a plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Reviews reset with each update on the App Store. If you’re enjoying our special time together, please take a moment to leave a review. It’d warm the cockles of my emotional coprocessor!


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