Gingerbread Crazy Chef - Cookie Maker


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  • 内容摘要
    ~~> Christmas Has Never Tasted Better with the Gingerbread Crazy Chef Cookie Maker Game!
    ~~> Get Ready for a Bake-Off & Create Dozens of Fabulously Funky Gingerbread Cookies!
    ~~> Ridiculously Fun and Hilarious Designs Make this Shake-n-Bake Game Sensational!

    It’s time for a holiday virtual bake off! And the good news for parents - it’s lots of fun and no clean up! Kids can tap into their creative, crazy chefs and whip up a batch of awesome Gingerbread cookies. Gather your ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar, butter & ginger. Crack an egg and mix it up with a spoon. You’re almost there! Roll out your dough with a rolling pin, stretch it and make the perfect cookie dough. Put the cookies into the oven but make sure they don’t burn!

    When the Gingerbread cookies are ready, it’s time to get creative and decorate. There are endless super silly and totally cool outfits to choose from in the Gingerbread Crazy Chef Cookie Maker app. Accessorize your cookie creation and show it to a friend or relative. And when you’re done, eat your cookie, turn it into a gingerbread shake with the help of our cool blender or create a festive glass and drink it up!

    What’s Inside:
    > 20 different cookie types to choose from! Superheroes, pop stars, elves & more
    > 6 backgrounds add to the design: a Christmas tree, in the snow around town & more
    > 30 accessories including: a basketball, baseball bat, reindeer horns, guitars & more
    > 30 candies to decorate your cookie
    > Dozens of wacky and awesome clothes, pants, shirts & costumes
    > 30 different noses, 30 eyes and 30 funny mouths for your cookie creation
    > Make a shake with the gingerbread cookie with milk & a blender
    > 11 festive glasses to choose from to drink your shake
    > 20 fun stickers and designs to decorate your glass
    > 21 awesome straws to use for your shake

    > Touch & drag to mix up the ingredients & stretch out the dough
    > Touch the oven to start the baking! But don’t let the cookies burn!
    > Gobble up the cookie and watch it disappear
    > Press the cool RESTART button and kids can eat their cookie over and over again!
    > Take the cookie and turn it into a gingerbread shake in a blender!

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