BabyTune - Create & Share Your Calming, Soothing Sounds, Relaxing, Sleep Music, White Noise for Crying Baby


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开发商: digitalBoutique, Inc.

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  • 内容摘要
    Bringing a smile to all the crying babies and their parents

    “Why won’t my baby stop crying?”
    Since its founding in 1998, the parenting website “Babycome” has been contacted almost every day by mothers asking: “Why won’t my baby stop crying?” Wishing to relieve distressed mothers, experts worked together to create babyTUNE, an application that turns an upset baby into a smiling baby.

    This application was developed by merging the knowledge of childcare provider ShoPro and the abilities of sound designer Akimasa Yamada. ShoPro contributed their experience and knowhow gathered from running numerous daycare centers. Mr. Akimasa Yamada is known for his pleasant sonic creations. Furthermore, the illustrations are contributed by a baby goods-developing and trading company, DAD-WAY.

    Discovering new sonic compositions with BabyTUNE that fascinate your baby – mixing sounds the parents like – before they know it, parent and child will find themselves smiling. babyTUNE wishes to give many such moments to you.
    Further, we would like mothers to enjoy sharing the soothing sounds they created for their own children and that these sounds will conjure smiles on the faces of babies all over the world.

    [digitalBoutique, Inc.]
    Sites: Babycome, Japan’s Leading Website for Pregnancy, Delivery and Child Rearing

    digitalBoutique, Inc. operates the community site “Babycome” (founded in 1998). The site aims to turn parents’ distress and anxiety into joy. Its encyclopedia on pregnancy, delivery and child rearing provides parents with information. In addition, the forum and blogs provide a space for exchanging information and experiences.

    [ShoPro (Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions Co., Ltd)]
    Divisions: Childcare/Education and Media
    Services: HAS (Human Assistant Service), Dora-Kids etc.

    ShoPro’s philosophy is centered around the two pillars of education and media, putting emphasis on interesting and practical “edutainment”. The education division provides varied services in the field of infant rearing, ranging from HAS and the infant classes “Dora-Kids” to the Shogakukan Academy Nursery Schools and the parent-child cafes.

    [DAD-WAY INC.]
    Baby Goods Development, Import, Production and Trade

    “Our goal is to make child rearing more interesting and exciting for fathers.” This being the company’s concept, DAD-WAY INC. presents products for livening up family communication. These products were brought forth by traditions, cultures, wisdom and love all over the world.


  • 版本中的新功能
    Bug fixes


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