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版本:2.0 | 37.0 MB


开发商: Smart Box Design LLC

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固件要求:需要 iOS 9.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。

  • 内容摘要
    Farkle Solo is an exciting fast paced dice game. Score the most points in ten rounds to be the star of the High Roller Saloon. Try to beat your best score or your friends. Are you ready to risk it all to be a high roller?

    **** Universal Build & Game Center Support ****

    Farkle Solo at High Roller Saloon includes beautiful artwork, engaging sound effects, and plenty of fun surprises. If you like games of chance you will love Farkle Solo.

    **** Leaderboards & Achievements ****

    Both new and experienced players will love the clarity of the playing board and how quickly you can finish a game while in a meeting (before someone notices). If you do play in a meeting, turn the sound down as the there are lots of sounds effects and music in this game. Then after the meeting, turn the sound way up to fully experience the awards given to you for risking it all and succeeding.

    100% dice randomization to prevent cheating. Each roll uses a robust randomization algorithm implemented by our lead engineer. Sometimes, you have to take that extra risk and roll again!

    • Play on your iPhone or iPad
    • Earn UnFarkle Chips
    • Customize the rules to how you play Farkle
    • Set a break-in score
    • Score 4, 5, 6 of a Kind
    • Incredible graphics, professionally drawn
    • Super fun sound effects
    • New player hints pointing out which dice can be scored (hints can be turned off in Settings for experienced players)
    • Share your winning score on Facebook or Twitter
    • Track your skill in stats
    • Compare your best roll or best game to other players in Game Center's Leaderboards
    • Earn Achievements on those special rolls
    • Perfect for that five-minute break or long commute

    ** Frequently Asked Questions **

    Q. How do you play Farkle Solo?
    A. The rules can be found by tapping Settings then "How to Play".

    Q. When does the "Score It" button become active?
    A. You need to select at least one scoring dice.

    Q. Which dice can be scored?
    A. The dice with the arrows above them can be used for scoring (you can turn the arrows off in Settings).

    Q. How do you beat other players on the LeaderBoard?
    A. You need to gamble it all and roll the dice beyond your comfort. High scores come from high risk.

    Q. Where do I find the scores to beat?
    A. They are now shown near the bottom. Tap the arrows to see more.

    Q. What are UnFarkle chips?
    A. UnFarkle chips can be used to re-roll after a Farkle. If you roll a Farkle, use the chip to undo and roll again.

    Q. Is there a real High Roller Saloon?
    A. I wish!

    We hope you have as much fun playing Farkle Solo as we did creating it.


  • 版本中的新功能
    A whole new way to play! We now display your best scores and today's best scores on the game board. When you are rolling you can now compare your score against the bests scores and decide if you want to take that extra risk and be today's best player.

    We are committed to bringing you the best games of the highest quality. This version has been thoroughly tested and updated for iOS 10. This includes smoother game play, updates to network play, and stability tweaks. We also made sure it is working great on iOS 9 devices too. Download today and enjoy. Reminder: When you purchase Farkle Dice you also get a free copy of Farkle Dice for Apple TV.


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