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开发商: ThrivePort, LLC

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固件要求:需要 iOS 8.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。

  • 内容摘要
    Improve your mood and become your own expert with the wisdom and guidance of MoodKit at your fingertips! • Featured in London Times, NY Times, LA Times, Harvard Business Review, CNET, Discover Magazine & more • Developed by experts and repeatedly selected as one of the "best mental health apps" in the world • Professional psychology tips and tools for everyday life!

    "It's like having your own portable psychologist...packed with tools designed to improve not just your mood, but also your overall well-being." --CNET

    "Whether you have trouble managing stress, depression, anxiety or other moods, this feature-rich app offers tools to help. Use it every day for a month and see how it can help you make your life better." --Christine Padesky, Ph.D., Co-author of Mind Over Mood, Distinguished Founding Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy

    "If you are looking for a greater sense of optimism, an improved mood and a greater sense of control over your life, open up the MoodKit app." --Dennis Greenberger, Ph.D., Co-author of Mind Over Mood, Past President of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy

    MoodKit is a one-of-a-kind app designed to help you apply effective strategies of professional psychology to your everyday life! With four integrated tools, MoodKit helps you to...

    * Take action to improve your life.
    * Feel better by changing how you think.
    * Rate & chart your mood to monitor progress.
    * Develop self-awareness & healthy attitudes.

    Developed by two clinical psychologists (co-creators of Moodnotes), MoodKit draws upon the principles and techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), one of the most effective and scientifically-supported methods of psychotherapy. MoodKit's innovative design enables it to be used on its own or to enhance professional treatment.


    • Over 200 mood improvement activities.
    • Tailor recommended activities to your needs.
    • Email, text, & Facebook sharing of activities.
    • iOS calendar integration.
    • Guidance to modify distressing thoughts.
    • Unlimited/multiple mood ratings & notes per day.
    • Exportable Mood Charts with 7 & 30-day views.
    • Saves exportable notes to a central Journal.
    • Over a dozen custom journal templates.
    • Add your own activities & journal templates.
    • Link custom reminders to your favorite tools.
    • Security PIN, Touch ID, & AirPrint enabled.
    • Crisp iPhone 6 and 6+ Retina Display ready interface.
    • View mood notes right from the chart.


    + MoodKit Activities

    The MoodKit Activities tool provides a wide variety of suggestions for specific steps you can take to improve your mood. The activities, along with their accompanying examples and tips, provide you with specific ways to implement psychological principles and techniques known to reduce negative feelings and enhance well-being.

    + Thought Checker

    Thought Checker helps you to manage negative feelings related to a specific situation by identifying and modifying the thoughts that contribute to those feelings. Through repeated use, it will help you learn to change your feelings (or change the intensity of your feelings) by changing how you think!

    + Mood Tracker

    Mood Tracker allows you to make, save, and chart daily ratings of your mood. Through its integration with the Journal tool, it also enables you to record and save any notes that you would like to attach to your mood ratings. Supports multiple mood ratings per day and enhanced charting that displays individual ratings, daily averages, & daily ranges!

    + Journal

    The MoodKit Journal allows you to create, save, and export notes about mood-related activities and relevant observations in everyday life. The Journal comes with a variety of pre-formatted templates that help you to journal in specific ways known to help improve mood, and the option of creating your own templates. Voice entry support on Siri-enabled devices!

    Quick Start Tips at: http://www.thriveport.com/resources


  • 版本中的新功能
    • iOS 10 compatibility upgrade.
    • Fixed Touch ID bug causing repeated prompts.

    Thank you for supporting our efforts over the years with your positive reviews after each version update--we are so inspired by them!

    Please continue to send your questions, concerns, or suggestions to support@thriveport.com and we will personally respond to each one! We love hearing from you.


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