Your World


版本:3.1.4 | 53.9 MB


开发商: Squz Pty Ltd

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固件要求:需要 iOS 8.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch 兼容。

  • 内容摘要
    Your World is the perfect way to learn the countries, capital cities, landmarks of the world; and the states of the USA. With 483,528 downloads, and counting, Your World has become a hugely popular geography app.

    Place countries, territories, landmarks and cities onto a high resolution 3D globe. With full HD and translucent oceans on the iPad, you will be stunned at how beautiful Your World looks.

    Features (including premium)¹:
    • 270+ countries and territories
    • 250+ capital cities
    • 50+ landmarks
    • 70+ natural wonders
    • States of the USA
    • Continent mini-levels
    • Swipe, twirl and pinch-zoom to move the earth under your fingers.
    • Realistic globe showcases the world's: oceans, forests, snow, mountains and deserts.
    • Facebook and Twitter sharing (including posting images)
    • Save screenshots to Photo Album
    • Game Centre achievements and leaderboards
    • Game timer (best times are added to leaderboards)
    • Wikipedia links for all countries and territories
    • Two ethereal soundtracks to choose from
    • Compass (tap to point north upwards)

    This free version gives you 40 countries with a simple in-app to upgrade to everything purchase.

    AppStore reviews:

    5 stars—"Best app for learning country locations - i have tried a few different apps and this was the best one for learning about where countries are in the world"

    5 stars—"Best geography quiz app! - Best geography game on here! Pretty awesome app…"

    5 stars—"Love it! - Really great. To make it perfect allow pinch zooming and landscape mode.Can't wait for more countries (I have already finished the first 160).Very good graphics and excellent idea for an app!!!"

    5 stars—"Best geography quiz app! - Best geography game on here! Pretty awesome app. The world looks amazing in it! I like starting from the smaller countries to the larger ones. Needs to include smaller states like Lebanon, Kosovo, West Bank and Gaza, etc. Can't wait for the update! Def 5 stars!" [Note: These countries are now included.]

    5 stars—"Fun!! & educational - Great app!! Great way to learn where countries are I'm sure the kids would love playing it too"

    Game industry reviews:

    MMGN.com "This week we have an impressive application from Squz called Your World. The premise is simple; simply select countries from the bottom bar and place them on a rotating 3D scale of the Earth. Slick presentation and an addictive nature makes Your World a fun puzzle and you might even learn a thing or two."

    ¹ Feature list includes both free and in app-purchase activated features.


  • 版本中的新功能
    - iPad display bug fixed
    - Performance improved
    - Carousel user-experience fixes
    - Lots of other small refinements


  • 应用截图
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