11eyes CrossOver -虚ろなる鏡界-


版本:1.0 | 657 MB


开发商: 5pb.Inc.

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固件要求:与 iPhone、iPod touch、iPad 兼容。 需要 iOS 4.0 或更高版本

  • 内容摘要
    - '11eyes CrossOver -Hollow Mirror Field-
    Play through crossover scenarios to discover the truth!

    '11eyes CrossOver' has finally been released for iPhone and iPod touch!

    * The game supports Japanese only.
    * Chinese Language Edition is also available.Please search '11eyes' or '5pb'.

    ★ In 'Hollow Mirror Field'', Shu Amami, a modern magician, investigates a missing persons case in Ayamegaoka City, only to encounter the mystifying doppelganger phenomenon!
    ★ Full voice acting brings the scenes to life!
    ★ 'Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl' and 'Hollow Mirror Field' are complete, self-contained stories, however playing through both stories provides a much deeper sense of involvement and satisfaction.
    ★ 'Hollow Mirror Field' provides an additional 10 hours of gameplay.

    - Features of 11eyes CrossOver
    ★ How to play
    Intuitive touch panel controls ensure a smooth gameplay experience!

    Choose from 3 types of control.
    The game is fully customizable.

    - Game Story
    ★ 'Hollow Mirror Field'
    Shu Amami is a modern magician who combines science and technology to compliment his magic. With full knowledge of what he is and the danger that it may bring, Shu realizes that he cannot get too close to other people and must hide the fact that he is a magician. Being a student provides good cover to hide the truth.

    One day Shione Azuma calls Shu onto the rooftop of the school and confesses her love to him. Although Shu cannot tell her his reason, he rejects her because he is afraid that his life of a magician will put her in mortal danger. Upon hearing of Shione's rejection, her friend (the class representative Mio Kouno) is angered and presses Shu to give the reason for Shione's rejection. During the confrontation Mio makes a one-sided remark to Shu making him dislike her.

    One day Shu's friend 'Tadashi Teruya' asks Shu if he believes in doppelgangers. There is a rumor going around that when one meets their doppelganger, that person will disappear.

    Kaori Natsuki, Tadashi's childhood friend, told him that she saw her doppelganger. Tadashi asks Shu for help. Shu considers doppelgangers to be nothing more than an urban legend, so they seek help elsewhere and enlist the help of the Library's Witch, Kanae Kuroshiba. Kanae is an aloof but beautiful girl, and explains about doppelgangers in detail.

    Thanks to Kanae's explanation, their concerns are swept aside, however Shu instinctively senses something is wrong and starts investigating the case by himself. One night, he witnesses a fight between Mio and a doll-like girl with blue hair and realizes that Mio is a modern magician just like him. Shocked at seeing Mio in danger, he releases his ability as a magician and intervenes. The doll-like girl retreats and disappears...
    A few days later however both Mio and Shu get a shock when they see the strange girl again; she has transferred into their class as a student named Shiori Momono.

    As the mysterious case of missing persons in Ayamegaoka thickens, the battle against unknown forces begins...


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