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版本:3.5.69 | 50.4 MB


开发商: Tan Thor Jen

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固件要求:需要 iOS 9.3 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。

  • 内容摘要
    Decked Builder is the premium deck building app for Magic the Gathering -- providing a sleek user interface to research decks, find cards, and then build, price and finally buy the deck that you want.

    Note: the Lite version of Decked Builder allows building only a single deck and a limited size collection.


    "This is the program I recommend for anyone willing to spend ... on an MtG application. I’m one of those people who will generally take the free alternative over the paid app any day, but I’m actually happy to have spent the money on this one. It has a ton of very cool features, runs smoothly, and even has RSS feeds for several top MtG sites."
    - Michael Evans, GatheringMagic.com

    "Decked Builder is the absolute pinnacle of what a Magic the Gathering accessory app should be. There’s almost nothing that I need, that this app can’t do for me."
    - Jaden, appaddict.net

    "The iPad version of Decked Builder is perfect. Solitaire play has been upgraded and the card loading speed is marvelous. Thanks for a good application."
    - Eugene Lee, author of Wagic

    "I have to say that this app is certainly one that I would recommend to any MTG player"
    - Josh Elliot, eyeofthevortex.com


    * Find your cards
    - Instant search results with no Internet connection as the database is stored locally
    - Search for cards by any combination of card expansion, rarity, color, type or cost
    - Built in support for tournament formats including Standard, Modern, Extended, EDH and Classic
    - See only distinct cards, or find every printing of a card in every set
    - Full card text search -- easily find every Landfall card, Elf, Vampire or any other attribute that has ever been printed.

    * Build your decks
    - Build multiple deck listings and sideboards
    - Easily test sample draws from the deck, and simulate a game of Magic by playing cards to the battlefield.
    - Get statistics on your deck including mana curves, color symbol counts and card type percentages
    - Email decks to your friends
    - Full text search for cards in your deck -- perfect for building EDH 100 card singleton decks
    - Sort and filter your deck by mana cost, color, card type, tournament legality and more

    * Price and buy your decks
    - Decked Builder contains multiple price feeds from TCGplayer.com, CoolStuffInc.com, CardShark.com and MTGOTraders.com
    - Finding the cheapest way to put your deck together from some of the largest card suppliers on the Internet
    - Price your entire deck with a single tap
    - Easily buy your entire deck online, or just cards missing from your collection

    * Research decks
    - Decked Builder includes RSS feeds which are specially formatted for clean viewing and fast downloads.
    - Cards names are automatically be highlighted for instant (no network required) card lookups from the built-in database
    - Featured RSS feeds from TCGplayer.com, DraftMagic.com, MTGCast, PureMTGO.com, Channel Fireball, Power 9 Pro, GatheringMagic.com, StarCityGames
    - Deck integration with mtgo-stats.com allows you to download, analyze and test the latest winning decks directly on your device

    * Track your collection
    - Easily input your collection by any criteria you can think of
    - Find missing cards to complete your collection or your deck
    - Value your collection -- find out how much you have spent on your Magic addiction
    - iCloud synchronization makes it effortless to keep your collection in synch across your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

    * And More!
    - Decked Builder features high-definition card art scans that display brilliantly on your Retina Display
    - Fully support for Innistrad day/night cards, Kamigawa flip cards and split cards
    - Works perfectly offline with no Internet connection


  • 版本中的新功能
    - Bug fixes for card viewing


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