Yumsters! 2 Lite


版本:1.5 | 23.4 MB


开发商: G5 Entertainment AB

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固件要求:与 iPhone、iPod touch、iPad 兼容。 需要 iOS 3.0 或更高版本

  • 内容摘要
    From the publishers of best-selling Supermarket Mania® and Stand O'Food® time management games!
    Yumsters! 2 is highly addictive puzzle time management game with millions of players on PC. Yumsters are cute stretchy creatures mad about fruit and music. Not only are these Yumsters crazy for strawberries, they can rock the bongos. For the love of fruity music, help them earn money by cleaning gardens to promote their band. To really skyrocket, Yumsters need the best equipment to win the ultimate grand prize at the fairy town music showdown. Get fruitilicious in seven vibrant locations of Yumsters 2, a sweet innovative puzzler!

    How to play: drag a Yumster to the fruit of the same color to start eating. Make sure you eat all fruit before the empty space on the level runs out. Sounds simple, but the combinations are endless! Test your time management and puzzle skills!

    This is Free Version that lets you try out the game. To get the full Yumsters!2 experience, download the Premium version and get:
    ● 64 Colorful Levels in Seven Locations Around the World
    ● 7 Musical Bonus Levels
    ● Explosive Yumster Talents
    ● Unique Puzzle and Music Gameplay
    ● Vibrant Full-Screen Graphics

    If you like the game, support the developer and buy the full version!

    --- CRITIC REVIEWS ---

    "Cute, colorful, addicting, and simple." - AppAdvice.com

    "It’s a winner! I wouldn’t give a second thought, it’s a solid puzzle with time management. Two genres mixed into one!" - TheAppera.com

    "Grab it!" - TouchMyApps.com

    The winner of GameZebo's Best of 2008!*

    "This is one of those rare puzzle games that's super easy to pick but virtually impossible to put down." - *GameZebo.com about PC version.

    "Surprisingly fun gameplay for what initially appears as yet another matching puzzle game. The game makes great use of the touch controls, and the learning curve is just right" - www.TouchGen.com

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  • 版本中的新功能
    ● Minor bugs fixed
    ● Minor improvements
    ● You can now browse the entire G5 game collection from inside this game


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  • 水果虫2 Yumsters! 2
  • Success Story (Full)
  • The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (Full)
  • 灵异侦探社 Paranormal Agency (Full)


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