丹达拉 Dandara


版本:1.1.5 | 732.7 MB


开发商: Raw Fury AB

分享者:天桥贴膜少年 我要上传? 我要举报

固件要求:需要 iOS 10.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。 Apple TV.

  • 小编评语
    原价98,VIP可免费下载。一款来自各大主机平台上的精品好游戏,移植到了手机平台!这是一款充满奇妙生物和无限探险的独特 2D 银河恶魔城风格游戏,游戏支持中文。
  • 内容摘要

    Salt 世界正在崩溃的边缘。那些曾经拥有自由的居民现在纷纷受到压迫和隔离。但一切还没到山穷水尽的地步,在一片恐惧之中,一位女英雄挺身而出,犹如一缕希望之光。她的名字叫 Dandara。

    欢迎来到充满奇妙生物和无限探险的独特 2D 银河恶魔城风格游戏。你可以在地板、墙壁和天花板之类的地方跳跃穿梭,无视重力。探索 Salt 世界及其中的各种角色,发掘隐藏的各种秘密。赋予 Dandara 作战的能力,并在一心压迫统治的敌人中生存下来。

    控制苏醒后的 Dandara,为这个无序的世界带来自由和平衡。

    创新的控制方法 - 为触屏和游戏手柄输入而生的设计,体验顺滑流畅的移动和战斗操作。

    无穷无尽的探索 - 在 Salt 深奥世界的任意表面跳跃穿梭,纵横驰骋,不受重力的约束,感受精心打造的游戏内环境。

    循序渐进的挑战 - 通过结合速度与技巧、智慧与反应,解决谜题,获得能力提升,并前往之前无法进入的区域。

    绚丽的沉浸式世界 - 基于手工打造的像素风艺术和原创音轨谱曲,体验栩栩如生的视觉和听觉奇幻大陆。


  • 版本中的新功能
    Added Features:
    High damage attacks on Dandara now screen shake.

    Level Design:
    Now the path to discover the Breach in The Wall was blocked off by only being accessible with the Remembrance Stone.
    Wall Siblings have way more personality through sound!
    Scythe Soldier and Golden Sorcerer now dodge after being hit. No more beating them with a succession of Jonny B. Missiles!
    Scythe Soldier and Golden Sorcerers have improved AI that make them avoid walls and each other.
    Sound in the Triangle Soldier improved!
    Dreamworld’s Fake Village path has better enemy placement and progression design.
    Dreamworld’s Hidden Treasure has different Level Design to make it less nauseating and the battles more spaced.
    Improved the Golden Fortress design and enemy placement. More information to the player as she can plan better while invading the Fortress.

    Bug Fixes:
    Basher animation bug fixed!
    Damage bugs that made repeated contacts weird fixed!
    Dreamworlds platform without any mass fixed!
    ‘No Distractions achievement’ could be done with a different value.
  • 1.1.4

    Added Features:
    - Added an “Align with Camera” button! Now the map can be rotated in the map screen so the camera's north is also the map's north. So no back and forth between doors to see where you are going anymore.
    - More details added on the map, to have less useless backtracking in the experience.
    - Added smarter helpers to jump aim: the game will “know” that you want to go to another platform a little bit better now, even after you’re already locked to another platform.
    - The Location of Dandara’s active spirit is now disclosed in the map.
    - On touch mode, you can now change jump/attack swipe sides.
    - On touch mode, you no longer break the aim so easily by going offshoot to the ground, making for example circular platforms more comfortable.
    - iCloud support! Now you can share files between multiple devices!
    - You can now turn off Vibration when using controllers.

    Level Design:
    - Triangle shots from Angular Soldiers now deal 2 damage (was 3 damage).
    - Eldar shots got buffed (1 damage to 2 damage).
    - Salt ghosts now recover 100% of your health on contact, including your own.
    - Special Weapons are no longer “super effective” on Bull Soldiers.
    - Desert of Remembrance’ s Army room can no longer soft lock players.
    - Slightly added/remove white patches throughout the game!

    Bug Fixes:
    - Dandara’s Salt Spirits no longer get stuck in geometry.
    - Fixed bug where you can get soft locked after getting killed by Eldar no longer happens.
    - Fixed bug where you could kill the first form of Eldar if you shot a Skull Shaft that pointed in the same direction as his movement.
    - Eldar’s corners are no longer weak points.
  • 1.1.0

  • 1.0.0

    Added Tutorial Before Launch
  • 1.0


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