JetSet Scratch Off Lotto Ticket


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开发商: babaroga, llc

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固件要求:需要 iOS 6.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。

  • 内容摘要
    Scratch off instant lottery tickets as you visit exotic places around the world like a true jet-setter! It's your Lucky Day!

    Collect interesting souvenirs from locations around the globe through scratching a wide variety of beautiful and compelling scratch lotto cards themed in styles which make you anticipate the next one with great eagerness and joy. With frequent jet-setting, you will gain VIP status, allowing you to live the true high-life!

    Place your tray tables up and seat back to the upright position, you are about to take off on a Jet-Set adventure! They are not just lottery tickets, but a lottery ticket life-style. With luck on your side, and you know this is your lucky day, you will put luck in lucky.

    Five Coveted Destinations worthy of the most discerning traveler that will scratch that money itch. You have the necessary luck to get there.

    • Lay on the Beach in Sunny and Gorgeous Jamaica
    • Experience the Seriously Charming and Delightful Spain
    • Visit Ruins in Warm and Ancient Greece
    • Fascinate Your Senses in Truly Exotic India
    • Sip tea and take in the Wonders of Japan

    To help your luck and your lucky streak, a Wide Variety of Mini-Games that add Loads Fun and Suspense are scratch-able

    • Scratch 'n' Win: Gift-Pile gives you free money
    • Frequent Fun Flyer: collect money until a whammy
    • Choose and Scratch: Sort the correct order and collect the most lucky money
    • Lotto Tipping Point: Get as close as possible to the high money values without going over and get your lucky wins

    Fifteen Unique and Interestingly Varied and Gorgeous Location-themed Scratch Lotto Tickets !

    Competitive Leaderboards, Worthwhile Achievements, Fun Scratch Ticket Goals!

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  • 版本中的新功能
    - streamlined scratch tickets
    - optimized larger screens
    - increased jackpots
    - cleaned up social component


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