Cradle of Rome 2 HD


版本:1.7.0 | 103 MB


开发商: Awem Studio

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固件要求:需要 iOS 7.0 或更高版本。与 iPad 兼容。

  • 小编评语
    这是一款消除类益智游戏,通过 100 级关卡的乐趣和令人兴奋的城市建设进程来完成你对罗马建设的伟大梦想。玩家将扮演一位罗马的皇帝,把传奇的罗马城恢复建造到繁荣辉煌。从最初购买的小村庄,小酒馆或喷泉逐渐壮大到城市命脉,你可以创建体育馆培养斗士,或建造给你带来好运...
  • 内容摘要
    Welcome to the legendary Cradle Of Rome2 – a mix of never ending match-3 pleasure, engaging puzzles, and city-builder in one game! Build your own Roman Empire and become the greatest Emperor ever!

    Have you ever dreamt of being an emperor and ruling your own country? If so, extremely engaging Cradle Of Rome 2 is just for you. Play through 100 levels of match-3 fun, solve puzzles to get blueprints for construction, and develop your own Ancient Rome. One of the most powerful capitals of the world invites you to become its Emperor! Brighten your iOS with crisp graphics, colorful locations, and light music of Cradle Of Rome 2. Collect supplies to improve your city and watch it grow into a magnificent center of life, the heart of antiquity. You’ll have a chance to build such masterpieces of architecture as Coliseum, Roman Thermae, The House of the Vestals, Nero’s Golden House, and many others! Cradle Of Rome 2 is perfect for all ages – from 3 to 133!

    P.S. The only wish you might have while playing Cradle of Rome 2 is how to resist the desire to eat its appetizing tiles.

    - Enjoy over 100 levels of match-3 fun
    - Get innovative blueprints completing mini-games
    - Learn extra info about every building in your city
    - Master three game modes including Blitz and Tourney
    - Love amazing Goodies including Bonus Challenges
    - Improve the game with constant upgrades
    - Cradle Of Rome 2 Trailer: http://youtu.be/pPV4z3iW3_0?t=3s
    - Still not sure? Then try free version - Cradle of Rome 2 (HD)

    “When all else fails, I come back to this game. Hours of consistent fun.” iTunes
    “Plenty of challenge, plenty of matching, and who hasn't dreamed of building a city with the splendor of Rome?!” Jayisgames.com
    “Cradle of Rome 2 offers the same addicting gameplay we grew to love with the first game, and just gives us more of that to enjoy here” Gamezebo.com
    “... great to fill a bit of time with, but, be careful you may end up playing much longer than you intended!” iTunes
    “Every so often you come across a game that you are looking for THIS IS IT the whole concept of this game is absolutely fabulous right from the graphics to the gameplay” iTunes
    “Trying to get some work done, impossible whilst playing this game. Love it!” iTunes

    ● Cradle of Empires – The most adventuorus match-3 puzzle you have ever seen!
    ● Cradle of Rome - highly addictive 100 levels of matching madness! 
    ● Cradle of Egypt – Combination of puzzles, mini-games and city building!
    ● Golden Trails: The New Western Rush – Intriguing detective and romantic storylines and your chance to have the greatest adventure!
    ● Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy – Find over 2 000 hidden objects all around the world to reveal the secrets of the pirate's treasure!
    ● Star Defender 3 – A wide array of alien spacecrafts in more than 100 breathtaking levels!
    ● Star Defender 4 – Eight huge missions to save the humanity and become the hero!
    ● Check Mac App Store for more AWEM games! 

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  • 版本中的新功能
    In this update we've made some minor improvements and fixed localization problem for iOs 9.
    Please, take a second to rate the game and share your feedback, as it greatly motivates us to work and further improve Cradle of Rome 2 for you. Thanks!


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