Linky for Twitter and Facebook


版本:5.11.5 | 12.2 MB


开发商: Benoit Bourdon

分享者:天气大小姐 我要上传? 我要举报

固件要求:需要 iOS 10.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。

  • 内容摘要
    Linky lets you easily share webpage links, images and text extracts to Twitter and Facebook from your iPhone and iPad.

    Write your post, choose which preferred social networks and Linky will do the rest! You can connect Linky to Twitter and Facebook (Profiles and Pages).

    Linky's very own iOS Share Extension allows you to post messages without ever leaving third-party applications.

    Want to share a webpage Link? Linky can insert both the url and the title of the webpage as required. Linky will suggest images related to shared links and can attach them to your messages. It can also shorten links, giving you access to further link analytics.

    How about selected text in Safari? Linky's Web Clipper extracts selected text and carries it over to the composer sheet, ready for you to edit. You can also make a text shot from the text selection for sharing as a beautiful image.

    What about a great photo? Share images easily from Photos app and third-party applications. You can also preview the shared image in fullscreen before sending it.

    Share any text too! Bring up the extension, the text is copied in the message, edit if required and share. It's that simple.

    Use Markup to annotate, crop and edit images inline. Write or draw on the attachment, or add arrows and lenses, or obscure sensitive information.

    "Linky 5.0 removes friction from sharing links, quotes, and images. I appreciate the intelligent use of Open Graph and Twitter Cards to save even more time, and I'm a fan of the deeper controls Linky brings when compared to the default share sheets of Twitter and Facebook. I can't recommend Linky enough." - MacStories

    "Linky turbocharges sharing links and images to Twitter and Facebook from Safari or other apps supporting iOS extensions." 4/5 - Macworld

    Prizes :
    • MacStories Must-Have iOS Apps, 2016 Edition
    • MacStories Must-Have iOS Apps, 2015 Edition
    • MacStories Must-Have iOS Apps, 2014 Edition

    • Supports Twitter and Facebook Profiles & Pages.
    • Post messages simultaneously on multiple accounts.
    • iOS Share Extension is integrated directly into Safari and many other third-party apps, allowing to directly share text, images and web page links.
    • Add multiple images to your messages (animated gif images are supported).
    • Select the destination album when sharing images to Facebook (supported for both Facebook Accounts and Pages).
    • Image preview in fullscreen.
    • Suggestion of images related to shared links.
    • Share selected text in Safari as a text shot image.
    • Markup: annotate, crop and edit images inline. Available tools: Sketch, arrows, lenses, text blocks, pixelate, crop & rotate.
    • Links, hashtags and mentions are color-highlighted when composing.
    • Usernames are auto-completed when typing the @ symbol.
    • Links can be shortened when the message is sent using bit.ly, CloudApp, Droplr, Goo.gl, and yourls.org (all link-shorteners require an account).
    • Clipboard URL: If a URL is copied to the clipboard from another application, Linky will ask whether you want to use it.
    • URL Scheme to launch Linky from other apps using the x-callback-url specification (in-app documentation and examples).
    • VoiceOver accessibility for the visually impaired.
    • Universal App (iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro).
    • Designed for iOS 11 and the Retina HD Display.
    • Supports iOS multitasking (Slide Over and Split View on the iPad).
    • 3D Touch Peek and Pop in the message composer: peek at toolbar buttons (Link, Title, Text Clip) to get a quick preview and pop to insert in the message.
    • Haptic feedbacks for iPhone 7.
    • Optimized for iPhone X.
    • Supports both portrait and landscape orientations on the iPhone and the iPad.


  • 版本中的新功能
    Added support for sending tweets with up to 280 characters.


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