Anya Dress Up & Pet Puppies


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  • 内容摘要
    What we ( The iMums ) love… The puppies – especially teaching them to do tricks, all the different dress up options, Anya repeating what the child says, the seasonal packs. .. **** .. theimum.com
    o Dress Up Anya & Puppies as a Fairy, Princess, Ladybug, Bee or Bunny. See her in your world and take a picture with her o
    Hello there my name is Anya, do you want to play with me ? You can take me on a play date with you and I will play with your friend's Anya. Dress me up! I repeat what you say in acute voice. I sing, dance, laugh, make funny faces and love being tickled. I enjoy cupcakes too (but not too many!). Let's pop bubbles, twirl the hula hoop, catch flowers, play ball, so much fun! Come on lets play.

    Also included is a beautiful Christmas pack, perfect for this holiday season. It's loaded with extras like snow falling to Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Reindeer song, and even a cute Christmas outfit, with reindeer's antlers and nose.

    So many great ways to play with me, including:

    ► Play with a friend feature: Get two devices with Anya on them close to each other to play multi-player games:
    ‣ Toss a beach ball from one device to another.
    ‣ Fun bubble-popping game, who can pop the most?!
    ‣ Hula-hoop twirling game is very interactive!
    ‣ A snowball fight with no cleanup required ;)
    ‣ Falling flowers game, who can catch the most?

    ► Realistic Interactions:
    ‣ Tap her feet and Anya does a dance
    ‣ Touch, "tap tap tap" or swipe over her belly to tickle her.
    ‣ Tap her nose and she will make a funny face
    ‣ Tap the maracas and Anya will play them.
    ‣ Touch her hair and watch her reaction.
    ‣ Talk to her and she will repeat what you say.

    ► It's Playtime!
    ‣ Dress Anya with several cute outfits.
    ‣ Dress Up Anya as a Princess, Fairy, Lady Bug, Bee or Witch
    ‣ Pop the bubbles she blows. (You can use more than one finger to tap)
    ‣ Hula Hoop: Move the phone in circles when she is holding the hoop and she will twirl it.
    ‣ Heart: Anya will tell you, "I love You". But she will cry if you tap to break the heart :(
    ‣ Catch falling flowers. Make sure to avoid the bugs and spiders!

    ► 5 ADORABLE little Puppies to play with
    ‣ HUG and FEED them :)
    ‣ Make them do tricks: stand, spin, shake hands, fetch and crawl
    ‣ TREAT the puppies
    ‣ HUG them
    ‣ PET them
    ‣ They LOVE you back

    ► Care for her
    ‣ Feed her cup cakes ( not too many )
    ‣ She loves to eat Strawberries, you can give her a lot of those.

    ► Augmented Reality
    ‣ Now she can be in your world!
    ‣ See her play, dance, sing and more in your room!

    ► Winter Fun
    ‣ A beautiful winter wonderland for her
    ‣ Make it snow in her world
    ‣ Dress her as Santa Claus or Rudolph
    ‣ Hear her sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    ► Share with friends:
    ‣ Record your voice video messages in any dress and in any scene and share with friends on facebook or send via email.

    Talking Anya is fun for everyone and is a GREAT for two person play. She is such a doll, give it a try today, it's a FREE app!

    1 New Park Background

    1 New Purple dress with white Polka Dots


    ~~~~~ What users are saying: ~~~~~
    "So cute awesome you should make one with a boy and name it talking Andrew and puppies" -- Makaelarules

    "I really liked it!!! One of the best games ever haha. I liked the bubbles the most!" -- arthur245

    "I got this for my granddaughter, but I think I play with Anya more than she does." -- Shovgal

    "She is funny and plus when u touch her hair she say*don't mess up my hair* I laugh so hard" -- ;) joking

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    Official Character Arts, LLC. licensed app
    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer © and © The Rudolph Company, L.P.


  • 版本中的新功能
    More free content with this update: A puppy, winter dress, witch costume & snowfall! And just for a limited time unlock all content for a discounted price.
    Also included are fixes to improve your experience when playing with the puppy!

    Thank You for Playing with Anya and her puppies.
    If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out to help@spritelabs.com Enjoy!


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