NOIZ: Make Epic Music


版本:2.3.3 | 27.6 MB


开发商: Studio Amplify Ltd

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固件要求:需要 iOS 8.0 或更高版本。与 iPhone、iPad 和 iPod touch 兼容。

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    *** Snapchat App of The Day - "A wonderfully visual way of making music on your iPhone." ***

    NOIZ re-imagines how you make music. No longer do you need years of training or a multimillion dollar studio to produce a dance-floor hit. NOIZ gives everyone the power to create amazing music.

    NOIZ turns music production on its head. Moving away from the typical static ‘multi-track’ approach, NOIZ provides unique graphical interfaces dubbed ‘Surfaces’ that let players compose and jam out their music in real time. Using a combination of beats, loops, effects and other musical concepts, each interface exposes the DNA of a genre which can then be re-interpreted and performed by the user.

    ◆ Compose music in real-time ◆
    Touch and drag shapes on the beautiful graphic interfaces to trigger beats, fills and effects to create dramatic drops and dynamic build ups.

    ◆ Build your masterpiece ◆
    Choose a style and get jamming. Use Edit Mode to record phat basslines and epic beats. Change up the songs tempo and key to suit any style.

    ◆ Record & share your tracks ◆
    Once you’ve finished your composition, record your track, add a title, artwork and share it with your friends and other producers.

    ◆ Discover upcoming producers ◆
    Use the Stream to listen to tracks by new producers and connect with them through the NOIZ network.

    *** iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini 2 and above recommended for best performance ***


  • 版本中的新功能
    ### Version 2.3.3
    - Small bug fix

    ### Version 2.3.2
    - New app icon!
    - Bug fixes & performance improvements

    ### Version 2.3
    - We've added a brand new keyboard & drum machine. Easily record juicy basslines and phat beats to create your own EDM tracks in minutes.
    - Added a new toolbar with the Master Settings & Mixer exposed to make editing easier.
    - Now you can delete tracks that you don't want anymore!
    - Improved the tutorial and added a video so you can see how to make a track in less than 10 minutes on NOIZ. Check it out on the profile page!
    - Improved sampling quality.
    - Fixed a bug that was unexpectedly logging users out.
    - Lots of bug fixes & tweaks!

    ### Version 2.2
    - Added a filter on the Stream so you can see both the featured and latest tracks
    - Added a Feedback button so you can let us know what you think of NOIZ!
    - Fixed a bug where tracks over 5 minutes wouldn't play
    - Lots of other small bug fixes and improvements

    ### Version 2.1
    - Added in 3 Surfaces from the original version of NOIZ, taking the number of available Surfaces to 6!
    - Fixed a bug when using NOIZ on the iPad Pro that caused layout issues
    - Other bug fixes

    ### Version 2.0
    This is a major update! You can now make your own amazing dance music & share it with your friends.

    - Choose from 6 Surfaces, from Dubstep to House to Drum'n'Bass to create your track
    - Powerful editing tools to edit, sounds, beats, melodies & more
    - Reworked Audio Engine for creating phat basslines and juicy leads
    - Record your performances and share them with friends
    - Listen and interact with tracks by upcoming NOIZ producers in the Stream


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