Lost Raider

Lost Raider

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Lost Raider内容摘要
## UPDATE TO 3.0.0 ##
Added New System - Battle Card!
Collect Monster Cards & Summon in the battle!

New Game Mode - Explore!
Bloody Battle, Get Resource, items and Draw Monster Card!

New Battle Type - Defense Game!
Guard wounded units, Get them with colleague!

## UPDATE TO 2.0.2 ##
Added New Monster - Dragon & Baby Dragon!

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You are a warrior who has been traveled world to find the treasure for a long time.
During the long journey, you had the strengthen body like steel, and got a deep experience and wisdom through bloody battles. It makes you overcome any dangerous situation.
One day, to see with eyes that had lost hope and tired of people face, you were to be decided entirely new challenges.
It is to build in your village in this wasteland - skip the time of wandering for a while, here it is!
You are strong and wise, but it is completely different to make a village.
Youve been fighting dangerous monsters and wild nature.
But now, you have to face trouble of people, money, resources and food, issues of pollution and conflict in society.
In addition, it is absolutely hard to build a town in this wasteland.
It is close to dangerous villain bounty has made a huge force, trying to attack your town at any time.
Good luck in your new adventure.
Lost Raider
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Lost Raider
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