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Screenshot Journal

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很多时候我们除了拍的照片之外,还有一些屏幕截图保存在相机胶卷里面,但是这样看上去就显得鱼龙混杂,杂乱无章,要找起来也麻烦,加上苹果不支持自动将照片和屏幕截图分开两个文件夹,不过这回我们不用担心了,这款应用《Screenshot Journal》就可以实现这一功能。
Screenshot Journal内容摘要
Screenshot Journal is the ideal tool for archiving, organizing, and inspecting iOS screenshots.

• Archive: Screenshots are copied to Screenshot Journal.
• Organize: Tags let you organize your screenshots in any way you want.
• Inspect: Pixel perfect zooming lets you inspect screenshots at up to 3200% without blurring.


"Screenshot Journal is an app that celebrates and respects UI design." - Neven Mrgan

“Overall, this app looks great and will be very useful for people dealing with a lot of screenshots or UI designers and developers who have tons of screenshots in their camera rolls.” - Beautiful Pixels

“Great idea.” - Daring Fireball

More features:

* Send screenshots to Screenshot Journal from other apps.
* URL scheme for opening Screenshot Journal directly to specific tags screenshotjournal://tagname
* Swipe between screenshots.
* Tap and hold to copy screenshot.
* Scans for and automatically imports only your screenshots.
* Favorite screenshots that you want to reference over and over again.
* View your screenshot collection grouped by month.
* Overlay a Grid that helps define pixels, and measure elements.
* Send your screenshots over Twitter, email, and clipboard.
* Send screenshots to other apps, which include Dropbox and Evernote, via "Open With...".
* Manual import for any image available on the device.

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Screenshot Journal版本3.31中的新功能
• Peak and Pop! Access your most recent screenshot right from the home screen!
• Layout Fixes. Looks better on iPad Pro!
• Performance Improvements! Screenshot Journal should load much faster.
Screenshot Journal
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Screenshot Journal
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