Western Shootout

Western Shootout

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Play with a purpose!

50% of all the profits will be donated to the National Brain Tumor Society.

Step into this thrilling, fast-paced showdown and meet the crackling whips and blaz’n pistols of the infamous Wacker Brothers’ Gang. Not only are the lives of the people of Peachtree Gulch at stake, but also the lives of people fighting against a real enemy, brain cancer! Half of all the profits from Western Shootout will be donated to the National Brain Tumor Society.

Draw your gun, aim your pistol, fire away, and take down as many of the Wacker boys as needed to defend your beloved Peachtree Gulch. Be on the outlook for more and more gang members as you advance to higher levels. Take charge of your destiny by choosing among the three skill levels. A deputy will always take orders, sheriff is the man of the town, but the U.S. Marshall has no boundaries known unto man. As you earn your badges, unlock shooting galleries to earn more points and show off your skills on the Game Center's Leaderboard.

Out-numbered with your back against the wall, prove your gun skills as the best gun slinger in the entire Wild West and make a real difference!


⁍ Play for a REAL cause!
⁍ 36 levels!
⁍ 3 Difficulties!
⁍ 3 Shooting Galleries!
⁍ Game Center Leaderboard to compete against friends!
⁍ Original western themed soundtrack!

For more information go to: www.thatpeacheything.com
Western Shootout
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Western Shootout
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