Ninja Slash! Runner

Ninja Slash! Runner

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已经厌倦了切水果么?创意砍杀 Zantetsuken 这款游戏能够让你更过瘾。你可以切开一切阻挡你的事物,哪怕是无关紧要的背景。你要在砍杀怪物的同时还要注意不要掉进陷阱!记得吃掉隐藏的奖励增加你的能力,你还可以呼唤灵兽!
Ninja Slash! Runner内容摘要
Are you tired of always and only slice fruits? No problem! You're one step away from starting the final slicing experience!

In a world of chaos populated by monsters and demons, only a ninja with her legendary katana can restore order! Run, jump and slash with your fingers in this innovative and fast-paced ninja runner game!


"Ninja Slash looks to deliver a good amount of variety and value." PocketGamer

"Ninja Slash is the new must-have cutting game for your iOS device. Get your fingers ready, Ninja Slash's coming!" Best10App

"Ninja Slash! deserves a spot among the cutting games, for people who want to have a unique slicing experience, this game shouldn't be ignored." -

"Puts Fruit Ninja To Shame" 5/5 by MrVariant


In the shoes of Ran the kunoichi (a ninja girl) and armed with the legendary Zantetsuken, literally "Iron-Cutting-Sword", you will be able to slice ​​everything in your path, from the most dangerous enemy to the smallest element of the surrounding environment! Nothing will be saved from your bloody rage!

Your goal is to reach the end of each level, crossing bamboo forests, rice fields and many other environments, fighting demons of all kinds, dodging traps while trying not to fall from platforms. Absorb the spirits of the fallen to strengthen your bloody sword and look for the bonuses hidden in the environment to increase your strength and agility... and to invoke the help of your mighty beast, the demon tiger!

* Universal App: runs in HD on iPad and Retina Display devices.
* New gaming experience, slash and run at the same time!
* Limitless cutting ability, you can slice everything, even the smallest environment elements!
* High quality graphics with spectacular 2.5D effects.
* 50 game levels split in 5 different worlds.
* Many different enemy types to fight.
* Many bonuses and power-ups to enhance the heroine skills.
* GameCenter support with several leaderboards.

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Ninja Slash! Runner版本1.1.1中的新功能
** iOS 7 support!
- Optimizations on some devices!
Ninja Slash! Runner
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Ninja Slash! Runner
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