Ballistic SE

Ballistic SE

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《Ballistic SE》旨在为玩家带来完全纯粹的飞行射击游戏乐趣,没有任何的故事剧情设定,玩家只需要在一波接一波的战斗之中,竭尽全力的消灭出现的敌人并且生存下去即可。各种色彩各异的圆球状敌人,会以各自不同的攻击模式,来向玩家发动疯狂的攻击和追踪。而玩家则需要凭借着自己的武器,来向这些疯狂的敌人倾斜下猛烈的炮火,让其在爆炸之中化为点点光芒。游戏的整体画面视觉效果,会呈现出一种独特的彩色粒子效果,十分具有科幻感。配合节奏快速的电子乐,使得游戏整个的战斗节奏和体验十分的爽快。并且游戏还支持New iPad的Retina屏幕,玩家在New iPad也将可以体验到高清的画面质量。
Ballistic SE内容摘要
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Intense twin-stick shooting action, now with Chain Blast Mode!
Top 100 Overall Game in 38 Countries!

Welcome to the world of Ballistic Special Edition, an intense and highly-polished arena-style twin-stick shooter from the creator of Super Crossfire and Fireball SE. Blast your way through an infinite number of Waves, or dive into 5 intense challenges.

* Activate Ballistic Mode to slow down the action and turn your blasters on overdrive!

* Configure your play experience with 10 ship enhancements.

* Marvel at the glorious high-resolution graphics (supports the new iPad Retina Display).

* Keep your progress across multiple devices (seamless iCloud saving).

* Compare your scores with Game Center leaderboards (and achievements).

Reviews for Ballistic SE:

"Ballistic SE is a must buy that grabs you by the seat of your pants and doesn’t let go." (4.5/5) - AppTudes

"Ballistic SE is a twin-stick shooter with eye-popping visuals and a thumping soundtrack" (4/5) - 148Apps

"This is a smartly designed and thrilling shooter" (4/5) - Modojo
Ballistic SE版本1.11中的新功能
* Widescreen support for iPhone5 and iPod Touch 5th-Gen.
Ballistic SE
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Ballistic SE
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