PipeRoll Oil HD

PipeRoll Oil HD

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管道迷宫 HD-PipeRoll Oil HD,一款高质量的接水管游戏,这次要接的是石油管道,而且要避开自来水管道。游戏似乎没有时间的限制,少了些紧迫感,但是内容丰富,供水,供热,排污等等,多管齐下,共有 60 个关卡。
PipeRoll Oil HD内容摘要
The rules have changed in the new PipeRoll series!

Besides logic, speed and skill also play an important part in the game!

The basic rule remains the same: direct the liquid to the target place by rotating the pipes in the right direction!

We have added new, exciting elements to the popular game:

At countdown, the oil, gas and water start flowing from the drain and you have to rotate the pipes in advance in the right direction so as to close the system.
If you don’t close the system, the liquid will reach the end of the wire and the game is over. So you should rotate the pipes in the right direction before the liquid is spilled.

Get all three stars!
In the new game mode we placed the stars on the field.
There are several right routes!
Using the easier routes you cannot get all the stars but if you are quick and adept enough you can get all three!
(we’ve come up with three stars on all areas :) )

Choose your level of difficulty!
There are three levels of difficulty in the game. In case you find the ‘Easy’ areas too effortless then select the ‘Medium’ or ‘Hard’ ones. You don’t need to go through all the easy areas because all the levels of difficulty are available at the beginning of the game.

- new, exciting gameplay, new rules
- 60 areas
- 3 levels of difficulty
- zoom
PipeRoll Oil HD版本1.2中的新功能
bug fixed
PipeRoll Oil HD
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