NonogramZ: 1000+ pic-a-pix & pictogram puzzles

NonogramZ: 1000+ pic-a-pix & pictogram puzzles

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是一种在日本非常流行的解谜游戏,除了 NonogramsZ ,也有人将此类游戏叫做 Picross 、 Griddles 、 Illust Logic 等等,该游戏是由日本人西尾徹也于1987年发明,借由两排数字将版图中的颜色定位出来。在日本的侦探推理作品中也常常出现作为犯人与侦探之间斗智的道具。 游戏规则很简单,在一个 nxn 的方格阵上,每行每列都会标上一些指示数字,表示该行该列有哪些地方需要被涂黑,例如2,4就表示在该行或列中有2+4=6个格子要涂黑,且分别为2个和4个连在一起的黑条,至于黑条分布在哪里,就得通过与周围行列之间的联系来决定了,当玩家将整个谜题解开时,会发现所有涂黑的方格会连成一个完整的图案。小编记得当年在香港一部悬疑片里,犯人就是用这个方法向警方传达自己下个杀害的对象,虽然故事的情节都已模糊,但这个游戏却给小编留下了很深的印象。 游戏包含150个黑白谜题和75个彩色谜题,支持 Open Feint 分享成就,上架以来首次限免,喜欢自虐的朋友不要错过了哦~
NonogramZ: 1000+ pic-a-pix & pictogram puzzles内容摘要
NonogramZ - amazing game to solve japanese puzzles (also known as Nonograms, Hanjie, Griddlers). Test your skill in solving puzzle-pictures!

NonogramZ has 300 puzzles inside and more than 1000+ online puzzles (and more, and more...)

- puzzle sizes from 10x10 to 25x25;
- black & white puzzles;
- colored puzzles - up to 5 colors;
- hints - will help you in solving of puzzles;
- rule - try it to count drawing lengths;
- chess style board;
- undo (up to 100 steps).

You can gain experience for each completed level. You can sign in (via email or Facebook) and safe your progress. Also add your friends & challenge with them!

- auto save puzzles;
- reopen last game;
- share result to facebook.

Try NonogramZ!
It will surprise you & you will like it!

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NonogramZ: 1000+ pic-a-pix & pictogram puzzles版本2.6.1中的新功能
We make update once per few weeks to make game more stable. Thank you for all your support! Have fun & play with pleasure.
NonogramZ: 1000+ pic-a-pix & pictogram puzzles
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