Tap-Tap Bar

Tap-Tap Bar

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Tap-Tap Bar内容摘要
Lets tap & drink

The ultimate virtual drink game is here ! You can drink tons of beer, wine, champagne, vodka or whiskey without getting drunk. Drink as much as possible before the pub closes. Drinks will come at you thick and fast. Simply touch the drink when they cross they line to knock them back.

See how the bartender changes as you start getting drunk.

If you like games like Tap Tap Revenge, Tap Tap Ants you will definitely love this game.

Fun factors:
1. Play this game as long as you can. Single tap game - Easy to play with easy to use interface
2. Unlock all the achievements.
3. Share your scores and join the leader-board!
Tap-Tap Bar版本1.1中的新功能
Optimized for iPhone retina & iPhone 5
Tap-Tap Bar
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