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8bit Ninja

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8bit Ninja内容摘要

Meet 8bit the little ninja and help him avoid the angry crowd's fruit attack!

In this juicy ninja game, your goal is to survive as long as possible while avoiding waves of melons, coconuts, oranges, lemons and the ultra rare dragon fruits! Use your ninja weapon arsenal to blow the fruits into tasty pieces! Yummy!

8bit is not alone in his quest, meet his friends each with unique abilities!


★ Nominated by Toucharcade forums as Game of the Week.

★ "A game that typifies smartphone gaming at its best." - PocketGamer.co.uk

★ "The game is extremely accessible and its touch controls are great." - TouchArcade.com

★ "We loved 8bit Ninja and think it's a great game with fun retro graphics and extremely replayable." - SlideToPlay.com

★ "You might just find it sneaking up and becoming your new iOS addiction." - GameZebo.com

★ "Perfect for killing some time." - RazorianFly.com

★ "Just pure old school joy. Five Stars." - Applala.com

★ "If Apps were women, I would marry this one." - AustinAlaska (US)


Swipe with two fingers sideways to activate/deactivate Retro Mode!

Features include:

-Simple and fun gameplay

-Beautiful pixel art graphics

-Addictive and tasty fruit slicing with various ninja weapons

-Multiple characters to choose from, each with unique abilities

-Earn XP while playing and level up your ninjas, just like a RPG!

-Fun coin collecting to buy more weapons in the shop

-GameCenter support

-Super secret RETRO mode!

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8bit Ninja版本1.5.1中的新功能
-Ninja level cap increased to 20!
-Level 20 ninjas become Masters with a special ability to have a chance instantly recharge their ninja power after use
-New word aid item to make the daily word game easy to complete
-Instant MAX LEVEL button for ninjas
-You can buy coin pack in the bank
-Mines will stay on the ground between rounds! (ASKED BY COMMUNITY)
-Some minor bugs fixed

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8bit Ninja
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