Chicken Revolution : Warrior

Chicken Revolution : Warrior

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Chicken Revolution : Warrior内容摘要
Chicken Revolution : Warrior is an action game filled with simple and various fun as a spin off game of Chicken Revolution.

As supporting more than a hundred of weapons, items and skills, various enemies more than 100 kinds appear.


One time, chickens and human beings lived and exchanged peacefully in their own territories.

However, the greedy human started being greedy for chicken species' richness, and chickens fall to human's slaves due to the several chickens who made deals with greedy human.

'Wattles', the chicken who got angry at this resolves to revenge on the betrayers.


-Providing 4 kinds of weapon(sword, spear, axe and throw).

-Providing different sense of hitting for each weapon.

-Providing more than 100 kinds of weapon.

-Supporting various costume.

-Supporting various kinds of skill.


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Chicken Revolution : Warrior版本113中的新功能
-change the degree of difficulty to more easily.
-Gold income increased.
-fixed bugs.
Chicken Revolution : Warrior
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Chicken Revolution : Warrior
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