On the Hop

On the Hop

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图腾跳跃 On the Hop,一款画面十分鲜艳且充满童趣的游戏。你要帮助Mmmo、Rrro和Zzzo个勇敢的图腾柱通过很多充满障碍的关卡,收集能量粒子来拯救他们的村庄。
On the Hop内容摘要
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- Appspy :« A death mode similar to Super Meat Boy » 4/5
- Jeuxvideomobiles : « A brilliant success ! » 8/10
- App4phone : « Similar to Angry Birds » 4/5
- Mondes persistants : « I found a gold nugget »
- Game up : « Efficient and addictive, like Angry Birds » 18/20

Help Mmmo, Rrro and Zzzo, three courageous totem poles, to jump as quickly as possible through numerous levels filled with obstacles, and collect all the energy particles to help save their village.


- Simple gameplay (one touch, one jump)
- More than 90 levels – 2 levels of difficulty
- Bonus levels to unlock!
- A unique and fun universe
- An ambiance that varies with the time of play (dawn, daytime, evening, night)
- HD graphics for the Retina display
- Compatible with GameCenter (32 achievements to unlock)
- Compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S
and iPod Touch 2 & 3

Easy to understand, but difficult to master, this new platform game requires dexterity and precision to finish the levels in record time. 3 stars seems too easy to you? Prove that you have the skill and try to win the platinum medals.

Collect the maximum number of coins to unlock unique bonus levels.

Early riser or night owl? Recover 5,000 coins at dawn or during the night. The texture and acoustic ambiance changes depending on when you play.

Entertainment for those with nerves of steel and who are not afraid of heights. Execute jumps which become more and more perilous, but don’t fall – it’s fatal!

Cassiop Games finds a use for your fingers
On the Hop版本1.0.2中的新功能
Version 1.0.2 :

- Add rotate screen
- Adjust camera from beginning level
- Delock Death Mode pop up
- Minor Bug Fixes
- Improve performance and more stable
- Fix crash on iPod Touch 4G.

We value your support and we will have even more new updates soon. For more information visit http://www.cassiop.com/game/onthehop/
On the Hop
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On the Hop
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