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Monster Flip

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Monster Flip内容摘要
Swipe, flip and match monsters to help them return home in Monster Flip, the incredibly addictive game blending match three gameplay and puzzle cube mechanics.

Giant monsters are crash landing on Earth! Humans everywhere are panicking, predictably. But all the monsters want is to get back home — can you help them? Rotate sets of monsters so they line up in groups of three or more. Create massive combos and chains for extra points — but watch out for mad monsters that are out to ruin your day!

With four different modes, hugely addictive gameplay, and stellar sights and sounds, Monster Flip will keep you hooked for a long, long time.

Developed by Launching Pad Games and published by PikPok , Monster Flip features

• Classic Mode: Get as many points as you can before you’re overwhelmed by mad monsters!
• Puzzle Mode: Put your brain to the test in 60 mind-bending puzzles. Try to earn three stars in each one!
• Countdown Mode: race the clock in the 2-minute onslaught that is Countdown Mode
• Sequence Mode: Discover and master the perfect combination of moves
• Beautiful graphics and animations are a feast for your eyes
• Absolutely amazing audio with a theme song you won’t be able to stop humming
• Consult the in-depth Flipzopedia for pro tips, monster info, and much more
Monster Flip版本1.1中的新功能
New in 1.1

• 20 New Puzzles
• 32 Achievements Added!

New in recent updates:

• Fixed bug were save games didn't persist through iTunes backup and restore
Monster Flip
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Monster Flip
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          上手之后超好玩~ 画面感很好~ 里面还有萌萌的小怪物的萌萌的介绍~ 推荐!
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