Run and Jump

Run and Jump

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Run and Jump是一款超级像素跳跃游戏!游戏有点类似(超级玛丽奥)风格,但是它有五种不同人物可供选择,还有一个无尽模式可供选择哦
Run and Jump内容摘要
Run fast. Run Hard. Jump now!

Simple Controls:
Run and Jump has a minimal control interface requiring only the attention of the player and the tapping of the screen. No complicated interfaces here. Start the game up and enjoy some simple addictive game play.

Challenging Varied Content:
Tired of jumping from one green box to the next or running along the same platform for what seems like forever? Run And Jump game includes generation of an endless game world to provide ever increasing challenge. Be warned the further you run the faster you run. The title may be Run And Jump but their comes a time when jumping may mean jumping to Game Over.

Select A Runner That Fits Who You Are:
The game has 5 different runners that can be selected.

Game Center:
Keep track of how you are doing both on device and on Game Center. Who will have the highest single game score? Who has best total score? Who is the most addicted to the game? Check Game Center and find out. Game Center not accessible? No worries, Run And Jump tracks all the same Game Center data locally as well a few other items.

Quality Content:
Run And Jump includes sprite art by SpriteAttack and background music by Bart Kelsey. The quality of the game elements are far more enjoyable than stick figures and green boxes. iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 4S support.
Run and Jump版本2.0中的新功能
Native Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes.
New game engine provides dynamic content in an endless fashion with a steadily increasing difficulty level.
New art assets.
Updated Sound and Music files.
New Special Effects added.
Slider controls for music and SFX volume replaced the previous on/off choice.
Proper settings page added.
All In App Purchases have been removed. Full content is available to everyone.
New font.
New GUI controls.
Remastered character art.
New Game Over menu displays your score and how many attempts you have made so far as well as replay and menu selections.
Same great game play.
Run and Jump
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Run and Jump
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