Zoo Escape 3D

Zoo Escape 3D

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逃离动物园3D-Zoo Escape 3D,一款3D动作游戏,玩家需要控制一只可爱的小老虎逃离动物园,当然,在这之前你要收集场景里的金币和食物。另外,游戏还有相当的解谜元素,简单的比如推箱子一样的谜题,有时你需要借助箱子来爬上更高的地方等等。
Zoo Escape 3D内容摘要
★ FEATURED in YoYoGames Competition #5 ★

A beautiful adventure begins!

Help the little tiger escape from the zoo.

Sneak your way through 20 beautiful 3D levels.
Challenging stealth gameplay. Avoid being detected by the guards.
Search everywhere for fruits and coins.
Collect all the fruits to unlock the gate for the next level.
Push boxes to help you reach higher items.
Also collect every coin and complete the level in time to get 3 Stars.

Can you complete every level with 3 Stars?

★ Universal App! Optimized for both iPhone and iPad!
☆ 20 Challenging Levels to Explore
★ 10 Achievements to Unlock
☆ Beautiful 3D Graphics with a Unique Blocky Style
★ Challenging Stealth Gameplay
☆ Full Retina Support
★ Hours of Fun Gameplay

Surprisingly Addictive!

Support us with your Reviews to keep the updates coming with more Challenging Levels!
Zoo Escape 3D
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Zoo Escape 3D
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