Emily the Strange - Skate Strange!

Emily the Strange - Skate Strange!

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原本就喜爱冲浪的Rob Reger创立了《Emily the Strange》这个知名的品牌,从服饰、影视,而现在也跨足到iOS游戏了。玩家要带着风格独特的Emily周游世界,秀出自己的高超的滑板技术。游戏风格有些诡异的跑酷游戏,不过很符合Emily式异想风格。
Emily the Strange - Skate Strange!内容摘要

这是一款风格有些诡异的横版跑酷游戏,玩家将操控Emily腳踏著滑板,在虚幻的世界中来回穿梭,秀出自己高超的滑板技术。游戏包含4个国家场景,36个关卡,还特意添加了不同的天气来烘托气氛。游戏支持 Game Center 分享得分和成就,快来和 Emily 一起秀出自我吧~


Are you a bit strange? Extraordinary? Creative? Then this game is for you! Help Emily race on her skateboard through 36 levels. Visit Paris, Moscow, London and New York together! Prove your STRANGE by using (and sometimes surviving) the amazing power-ups (or are they?)

Ride in Slow Motion, turn the world Upside Down, or beam from one place to another. Perform cool moves as you catch big air, play head banging air guitar, do a Handstand or the famous Ollie Airwalk!


Share your progress and your high scores with friends in the Game Center or on Facebook.


? Top Notch skateboarding action

? 36 STRANGE levels

? 4 cities: New York, London, Paris, Moscow

? Weather effects and many more surprising visuals

? Skateboard tricks you never saw before

? Game Center Connection: Share Highscores + Achievements

Free future updates:

? Extensive level editor - create and play your own levels!

? New Level Packs!

? Exclusive Wallpapers by Emily creator Rob Reger

? “Lazy cat” feature

System requirements: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3rd generation or 4th generation / iOS 4.1 or higher

We''re happy to hear your feedback about the game on info@dtp-young.com. We will also help with problems and get them fixed for you! Looking forward to hearing from you :)

This ''jump ''n'' skate'' adventure was developed by exozet games in Berlin.

Emily the Strange - Skate Strange!
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Emily the Strange - Skate Strange!
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