Blowup!! Casual

Blowup!! Casual

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Blowup!! Casual内容摘要
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" The best game for arcade puzzlers!!! "

“BLOWUP!!” , the electronica-puzzle game that has enticed a puzzle aficionados worldwide.
Now it’s second series, “Blowup!! Casual” is finally out now!

You just can’t stop once you start.

[[ Characteristic ]]

1. Basic Mode
Getting highest score as you can within 3 minutes will be your objective.

2. Puzzle Mode.
There is no time limit on this mode and you will have to collect 2 or more same blocks.
You’ll have to earn enough points in order to move on to the next stage.

3. Arcade Mode
Collect 2 or more same blocks and blow them up. 
You can get more points if you blow them up consecutively.

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Blowup!! Casual版本1.3.1中的新功能
- Fixed a minor bug
Blowup!! Casual
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Blowup!! Casual
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