Battleland: Honor of Arena HD

Battleland: Honor of Arena HD

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Battleland: Honor of Arena HD内容摘要
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It was a long, long time ago, during the times of middle ages, a beautiful princess was caught by a Demon King who lived in a castle on the Chaos Hill. While she was away, there were many volunteers trying to save her, but in the end no one ever succeeded.

Now, a young man lead his team and arrived at the evil castle full of monsters and attempted to eliminate Demon King and his dark armies.

Can he bring the princess back?
Let's find out the next.

Send hero, and lead them in frantic real-time battles against Demon King and his darkness army of ever increasing power. Upgrade more powerful skills and improve strength and life. Craft them into the ultimate battle force and bring the princess back!

Battle in the Arena and enter in a fight to the Winner or loser, Glory is the only option for you and others from around the world.


★★★★★ Classic Single Player Story mode ★★★★★
- Opposition castle-defense strategy gameplay.
- 6 diverse unit-types each type has their effect in the battle.
- 24 special powerful skills for your units in total.
- Over 100 levels separate into 12 various stages.
- Incredibly sharp animation and art.

★★★★★ Full online Multiplayer Arena mode ★★★★★
- New innovation game experience.
- Easy and addictive rules.
- Against players from all over the world.
- Ranking, Career, Social system.
- Interactive with Single Player mode.
Battleland: Honor of Arena HD版本2.1中的新功能
minor bug fixed
Battleland: Honor of Arena HD
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