Robot Battle 2.0

Robot Battle 2.0

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Robot Battle是一款机器人格斗游戏。地球上的自然资源即将在2112年耗尽。每个国家都将他们的机器人送到了一个新发现的资源行星,以方便他们获得新资源,但是因为资源的问题,争斗开始了。游戏3D效果还可以,操作反馈流畅,喜欢格斗游戏的朋友不妨一试。
Robot Battle 2.0内容摘要
The Robot Battle 2.0 was released.

Go meet "The Robot Battle 2.0" complenty newly changed.

Realtime mobile fighting action, "The Robot Battle 2.0".
Fierce ranking competition among users.
A fiery showdown with realtime fighting.
Your challenge to become the best fighter is about to start now.

• Simple operation! Thrilling hitting sense!
A feast of splendid skill and thrilling combo with three buttons
You can easily make use of various techniques with the optimized operation.

• More than 100 different kinds of a motion!
More than 100 different kinds of splendid skill and effect for each robot.

• Single play composed of two modes of challenge and time attack!
Challenge the higher score as single play if you're afraid of a single
combat with other users.

• 1:1 realtime fighting!
A realtime one-touch match wth other users.
You can do realtime fighting anytime at anytime and anywhere
if you want to fight a match with other users.
Robot Battle 2.0版本2.3中的新功能
• Robot discount.
• Bug fixes and stability improvements.
Robot Battle 2.0
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Robot Battle 2.0
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