Geo Jump

Geo Jump

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Geo Jump内容摘要
"Geo Jump, while simple in appearance is rather complex; it is an excellent mind-bending game that could easily become habitforming" - CrazyMikesapps (App Reviewer)

"turn on the music, turn on the effects, and turn up both volumes... the game sounds contribute to the soundtrack... frikkin awesome!." - mrPhoneGames (Happy Customer)

Geo Jump isnt your average run and gun shooter. Dont let the simple design fool you, the game is rather challenging and very addicting. Its one of those games that once you pick up, you dont want to stop playing until you beat your high score.

With just two controls, guide your square through infinite obstacle course. Youll be faced with various amounts of enemies, getting harder and harder as your score builds. The game is filled with pleasuring and extravagant music/sounds to keep you going indefinitely.

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Geo Jump
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