SlotZ Racer Caterham Special

SlotZ Racer Caterham Special

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插槽车竞速-SlotZ Racer Caterham Special,一款模拟插槽车的赛车游戏。游戏方法很简单,您只需要控制车子的速度,在每个弯道时适时停止加速,否则车子很容易冲出场外,这款游戏需要相当快的反应,如果反应不够快的朋友可能会玩的很头痛喔。
SlotZ Racer Caterham Special内容摘要
**SlotZ Racer 2 HD is now available in the App Store for FREE** Download now for even more Caterham action, including the AWESOME SP/300.r racing car.

A free, special version of the iPhone's top slot car racing game, SlotZ Racer, just for the fans of Caterham's legendary sports cars!

Compete in single races or in four Caterham championships in one of six versions of the Caterham Seven car, varying from the Caterham 7 Roadsport to the Caterham 7 R600 Superlight. SlotZ Racer Caterham Special is a small sampler of the huge set of cars (including even more Caterham sportscars, such as the awesome SP/300.r) that are in SlotZ Racer 2 HD.

SlotZ Racer Caterham Special is released in association with Caterham Cars, with their official approval.

Tip: For a faster start, make sure you wait until the 5 lights go out before accelerating! (if you press too early you'll get wheelspin)

Another Tip: When you're racing with the fuel sim on (such as in the Superlight Championship) stop near the start/finish line to refuel.
SlotZ Racer Caterham Special版本1.15中的新功能
Fixes bugs where Single Race wouldn't let you select a car and some purchased tracks weren't visible.
SlotZ Racer Caterham Special
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SlotZ Racer Caterham Special
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