Cat in the Cloud: Samurai Fighter

Cat in the Cloud: Samurai Fighter

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Cat in the Cloud: Samurai Fighter内容摘要
Once upon a time,
in a place far, far above the ground ...

The Cloud, an island inhabited by cats up in the skies, is under constant attack by evil villains. They try to steal their most precious treasures: the 3 balls of wool.
You are the hero cat to save them!

Tournament mode:
O Fight against the samurais of the Cloud
O Top your high scores

Story mode with over 30 missions:
O defend the cat village
O find items and bring them back to the villagers
O face the samurai cats of the Cloud
O escort the villagers from one place to another
O free the Cloud from all villains
O and last but not least, bring back the 3 balls of wool

O day-night-cycle: play this adventurous cat game in the morning, daytime, late evening, or night with different graphics
O interact with the villagers on Cloud Island
O develop your health points and skills
O slash the enemy with your katana (sword) or shoot them with fireballs
O enemies increasing in strength and intelligence
O epic duels with ninja cats, ronin cats and samurai cats!

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Cat in the Cloud: Samurai Fighter版本1.06中的新功能
- Now supports 4 inch display
- Bug fixes
Cat in the Cloud: Samurai Fighter
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