Extreme Car Parking

Extreme Car Parking

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Extreme Car Parking(极限停车场)是一款简单而有趣的游戏,具有吸引力的图形界面和友好的用户功能以及惊人的声音效果。这款游戏和以往的任何停车场类游戏的玩法都不一样,其实这是一款物理益智类的游戏,你的任务是要将车子停靠到指定的位置。
Extreme Car Parking内容摘要
Extreme Car Parking Is A Brand New Casual Game Filled With 50 Levels Of Fun and 4 Beautiful Themes. This is the first time that Extreme Car Parking is free, so be sure to download it today while you can!

Extreme Car Parking is promising to be one of the top new games of the year. Experience attractive graphics, user-friendly functions, and amazing sound effects.

The objective is to adjust the car Speed and park between target flags. Experience a fun, physics oriented game filled with different obstacles and maps.

Simple for anyone to learn and fun for all ages young and old. Fun game to play when you have a few minutes to spend. All you have to do is skillfully adjust the speed of the car for each level. However, it's not as easy as it looks :-)


• 50 Challenging Levels
• 4 Different Themes
• Different Type Of Obstacles
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• Drag the screen to get a view on entire level, before starting the game! Then adjust the speed of car to reach the destination flags.

• Try to collect maximum number of stars in all the levels, so that you can earn additional level “SKIPs”, for those challenging levels.

• Replay the level but try to park between the red zones, for maximum points!

If you like the game then be sure to review the app :) More levels coming soon!!!

About RV AppStudios
RV AppStudios is an up and coming global app developer and the creators of the hugely popular Finger Slayer franchise. The company has developed multiple other successful titles on various platforms.
Extreme Car Parking版本3.1中的新功能
- Performance improvements and bug fixes.
Extreme Car Parking
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Extreme Car Parking
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