PipeRoll 2 Ages

PipeRoll 2 Ages

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水管迷宫 2-PipeRoll 2 Ages,一款高质量的接水管游戏。游戏玩法大家在熟悉不过了,让自来水从水塔中,经过层层的水管迷宫,供应到小区住户的家中。游戏似乎没有时间的限制,少了些紧迫感,但是内容丰富,供水,供热,排污等等,多管齐下,还有100个关卡!强烈推荐爱好者收藏!
PipeRoll 2 Ages内容摘要
The second part of the game PipeRoll, which reached Nr. 1 in many countries, has finally been released to confront you with new challenges in a funny environment.
(IMPORTANT: PipeRoll 2 Ages will only run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 3 (16 GB and above), iPod Touch 4 or iPod Touch 5. )

Rotate and connect the pipes to form a closed system on this special trip through different historical ages.

Provide dinos and spas with water, magicians with magic liquid, transfer gold from mines to railways, finally be an agent for the alcohol smugglers in the America of the ‘20s.

We have hidden some gags on the levels, discover them! :)

- 8 different ages: stone age, ancient ages, middle ages,the golden age of the Western, USA of the ‘20s, Oil, New York, Space
- 11 different liquids
-120 levels + 40 new levels!
- zoom function
- hint button
- Game Center

Develop your mind by a colourful puzzle game.
Control the flowing liquids as a smart plumber.

In-App Purchases:
- New York and Space level packs, 40 new levels!
- Premium Hint: Instant access to hints on all levels.
- Unlock all levels

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PipeRoll 2 Ages版本1.82中的新功能
Oil level 1 crash bug fixed.
PipeRoll 2 Ages
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PipeRoll 2 Ages
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