Draw Mania

Draw Mania

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经典好玩的你画我猜游戏,玩法与最近大热的Draw Something类似,游戏中有多名玩家参与,每个人轮流以图画的方式来表现系统给出的词汇,其余玩家来猜测TA画的是什么。联机上网,充分发挥想象力与动手能力,和朋友们一起你画我猜吧!极度上瘾!
Draw Mania内容摘要
Free today with ‘App of the Day’.

Draw Mania is a fast & furious draw-and-guess multiplayer game that guarantees you’ll be drawn in. Your goal is to draw a given word, and other players have to guess that word.

Draw Mania is the evolution of our game Charadium. New name, new icon, new features!

Sounds simple, but it''''s unbelievable how amazingly fun and addictive this process is!

You can play live games or turn-based games with your family, friends or other players from all around the world.

Get Draw Mania and dive into the drawing and guessing fun!

!!! WINNER - Best Social Mobile Game award - International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) 2012!

!!! WINNER - Best Board Game - Best App Ever Awards (BAE) 2011!

!!! WINNER - Best Use of Social Gaming Platform Game - BAE 2009!

The paid version includes all artistic tools: the rich color palette and realistic brushes. It also has no ads.
Draw Mania版本2.495中的新功能
Compatibility fixes
Draw Mania
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Draw Mania
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