Sophia Masquerade

Sophia Masquerade

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欢迎来到索菲亚假面舞会造型店,店主索菲亚是一个前卫的造型设计师,她将为前去参加假面舞会的人们做造型设计。游戏画面不俗,且支持 Retina 高清,游戏中你将游历不同的国家,来感受他们独特的假面风格吧!
Sophia Masquerade内容摘要
★Dress up your customers with More than 5000 Masquerade style combinations.★
★Travel in different countries, and enjoy their unique style of masquerade.★

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Sophia is an avant-garde outfit designer. She dreamed to design gorgeous clothes since she was a child. With the help of her friends, Sophia opens a masquerade store to help people dress up before masquerade.


★ Travel 4 different countries!
★ Play 40 exciting levels!
★ 40 Unique Masks, 40 Beautiful Hair Styles and 40 Gorgeous clothes!
★ 5000+ masquerade style combinations!
★ Manage dolls in your shop.
★ Meet 10 quirky customers.
★ Helped with many props, such as Gramophone, Dolls, Drinks, magazine, Lucky Cat and more, you will manage your store,.
★ 4 assistants will listen to your orders.

This game is highly recommended for fans of time management games, such as Sally’s Salon, Sally's Spa, Supermarket Mania, and Diner Dash & Cake Mania.

We really believe that you will enjoy this game and are eager to hear from you. Your ideas and suggestions will be appreciated.
Support: IOS 3.0
Support: iPhone4s, 4, 3gs, 2 iPod Touch 2, 3, 4.
Highly recommend: iPhone4s, 4 and iPod Touch 4 for better graphics.
Sophia Masquerade版本1.32中的新功能
fixed IAD bugs
Sophia Masquerade
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Sophia Masquerade
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