Off the Leash

Off the Leash

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营救大逃亡-Off The Leash,一款萌系游戏,一个新的警察局长禁止狗狗出现在小镇上,他命令抓捕所有的狗狗,而你的任务就是拜托那些警察的抓捕,并且营救你的狗狗朋友们。小心不要被警察抓到呀。
Off the Leash内容摘要

• TouchArcade [4.5/5]
• iPhone Alley [5/5]
• App-Score [9/10]

There’s a new Chief of Police in town, and he’s put a ban on dogs, ordering them all to be captured! It’s your task to outrun those pesky cops and evade capture, whilst trying to rescue as many of your doggy pals as you can. Along the way you’ll need to eat food, collect coins, complete missions, and do all you can to avoid capture!

You’ll begin playing as a Golden Retriever, collecting coins as you go which can later be spent on various items in the store. Unlock new dogs, collect custom clothing, unleash super power-ups, and call on the mysterious Big Dog for help!

• Simple one-handed tilt-based controls
• 9 different dogs to unlock and customise
• Unlock additional bonus levels, power-ups, and Big Dog attacks by completing missions
• 99 unique missions
• Stunning HD graphics
• Game Center leaderboards and achievements to compete with your friends
• Easy to learn but difficult to master, you’ll be coming back again and again!
Off the Leash版本1.6.1中的新功能
This update replaces OpenFeint high scores and achievements with GameCenter support.

The dogs are back!
Off the Leash
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Off the Leash
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