Pesky Penguins: Racing Penguin Surfers, Free Game

Pesky Penguins: Racing Penguin Surfers, Free Game

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讨厌的企鹅-Pesky Penguins,一款可爱的休闲小游戏。你需要趁企鹅不注意是偷走它们的食物:鱼儿,你要迅速反应,避免被它们发现扔进冰冷的海水中。过冬了,企鹅们都储备鱼儿过冬,你要趁其不备偷掉他们的食物,你用虚拟摇杆来控制小人行走,迅速偷鱼并避开企鹅,游戏节奏有些快,会有些手忙脚乱哦。
Pesky Penguins: Racing Penguin Surfers, Free Game内容摘要
Survive the unforgiving waves of Pesky Penguins, and don't let them push you into the icy, cold water!

You're on their turf and trying to collect their fish! But these Pesky Penguins are not making it easy for you! Battle your way through the endless bombardment of Pesky Penguins and try to stay on the slippery ice for as long as possible. The longer you stay alive the harder it gets! These penguins will stop at nothing and will come at you with everything they have… so watch out!

Collect their fish, use your Awesome Power-Ups, dodge those Pesky Penguins and fool their Crazy Formation Attacks! You will be on the edge of your seat in seconds with this explosively frantic new gaming joy-ride. Pesky Penguins is a brand new type of game that you haven't experienced before. It will have you highly entertained and coming back for more and more!


★ None Stop Manic Fun!
★ Fast Paced and Highly Addictive!
★ Amazing Full HD Retina Display graphics.
★ You'll never play the same game twice.
★ Super Cute Characters!
★ 10 Different Pesky Penguins
★ 10 Beautiful Fish to collect.
★ 10 Super Awesome Power-ups!
★ Special Bonus Orbs!
★ Wonderful and Surprising Hazards!
★ Game Centre with Leaderboards
★ 3 different controls (joystick, touch and tilt)


✔ Multiplayer! 2-4 players!
✔ New Game Modes!
✔ Achievements and Challenges!
✔ New Eskimos!
✔ New Levels!
✔ New Penguins!
✔ New Power-ups!
✔ New Fish
✔ Open Feint.
✔ Build and decorate your igloo with your fish. Then share it with the world!


❤ "One of the best game I've ever played. It's insanely addictive!"
❤ "I can't believe this game is literally free. I play it every day on the train to work!"
❤ "I can't put it down!! If you don't have Pesky Penguins, you're missing out in a big way!"
❤ "WOW!! This game is so much fun, and I love the powerups!! :)"
❤ "Super impressive. Awesome graphics, Awesome sounds, Awesome Game!"

Don't miss out on this Breathtaking Game!

Download Pesky Penguins now while it's still FREE :)
Pesky Penguins: Racing Penguin Surfers, Free Game版本1.1.3中的新功能
This update contains improvements and bug fixes.
Pesky Penguins: Racing Penguin Surfers, Free Game
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Pesky Penguins: Racing Penguin Surfers, Free Game
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