Nautilus - Nemo's Submarine Adventure

Nautilus - Nemo's Submarine Adventure

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一款海底冒险游戏!话说 2012 年已经来临,整个世界被一望无边的大海占据,而人类生存的机会只能在海下!尼摩船长建造了他自己的潜艇——鹦鹉螺号,他在海洋中穿梭,寻找每一个幸存者,并且要找到一个适合居住的岛屿。现在他唯一的伙伴是一只小企鹅,你要参加进来吗?
Nautilus - Nemo's Submarine Adventure内容摘要
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Take this challenge! An apocalyptic deluge turned the world into an endless ocean. The remaining humans struggle to survive the catastrophe and their best chances are under the sea.


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Captain Nemo built his own submarine - the Nautilus - and since the flood he travels through the oceans after survivors and seeks the last mythical piece of dry land on the planet. His only company so far is a little penguin called Bartholomew, but the team is about to grow as Nemo undertakes the challenge of finding some important people who have gone missing.

Help Nemo and Bart in this mission across the oceans!

✔ Touch the screen to submerge and release to emerge;
✔ Dodge obstacles in order to go further in the expedition;
✔ Pay attention to the oxygen level.

Game Center is fully integrated, including global leader boards for high scores and dozens of hidden achievements.

A world of surprises awaits you.
Nautilus - Nemo's Submarine Adventure版本1.3中的新功能
Performance improvements.
Nautilus - Nemo's Submarine Adventure
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Nautilus - Nemo's Submarine Adventure
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