Chicken Rescue

Chicken Rescue

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拯救小鸡-Chicken Rescue,可爱风格的益智游戏,哄MM必备利器。游戏的任务就是帮助鸡妈妈找回她丢失的孩子,看着鸡妈妈救子心切,着急赶路的样子,颇有母爱哦。游戏另一特色是元素丰富,有各种各样的鸡仔,比如机器鸡仔、僵尸鸡仔、忍者鸡仔等等,快来赢取金币奖励解锁更多的鸡仔。
Chicken Rescue内容摘要
The ultimate cute, family friendly tilt-based arcade game. Help Mama Chicken find her lost chicks! They're missing and it's up to you to bring them back to the coop.

Guide Mama Chicken through more than 40 exciting and colorful levels using your choice of gyroscope, accelerometer or virtual joystick. Avoid trees and barrels, hungry pigs, and treacherous ledges. Earn coins and stars for completing levels, then use your coins to unlock in-game boosts and fun skins such as Ninja Chicken, Robot Chicken, and Chicken Zombie!

Supports saving to iCloud so you can save your game on one iOS device and pick it back up on another.
Chicken Rescue版本1.4中的新功能
Happy Easter from Ayopa Games!

We're celebrating Easter with a new update to Chicken Rescue that includes:

-A new Easter skin for Chicken Mama
-A new Easter-themed tile set for the levels
-Various optimizations
Chicken Rescue
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