Island Tribe 2

Island Tribe 2

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一款策略类RPG游戏。在前作中,岛屿部落顺利的从火山的破坏中逃离,并抵达了一些充满神秘路径、文物和珍宝的未知岛屿。但要长久的在正确地方定居,永远和平的生活,没有任何恐惧和麻烦,这条道路是漫长且艰辛的,此款游戏只适合iPhone 4和iPhone 4S。
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Get ready for new adventures in the second part of the Island Tribe iPhone series! Be one of the first to know what has happened to the settlers after their escape from the great volcano.

Having sailed for many days in search of a new home, the settlers came upon a lonely traveler who had become lost at sea. Thankful to the settlers for his rescue, the explorer decided to share a secret with them and unfolded an old map. It revealed three islands cloaked in mysterious fog that concealed hidden treasure and magic artifacts…

Help the tribe find a new home and make it through to the magic Altar of Wishes. Your way won’t be an easy one, so get ready for real dangers and challenges. Keep collecting resources, constructing and repairing buildings and overcoming new obstacles in Island Tribe 2! Lead the tribe and make all their dreams come true!

Hurry up! Check out Island Tribe 2 to get:

- Sequel to the hit game Island Tribe
- Variety of new buildings and upgrades
- 30 levels full of new adventures
- 3 colorful episodes
- Strategy and time management gameplay

Grab it while you can, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

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Island Tribe 2版本1.055中的新功能
*minor bugs fixes
Island Tribe 2
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Island Tribe 2
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