iCruciPuzzle 2

iCruciPuzzle 2

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iCruciPuzzle 2内容摘要
★ "iCruciPuzzle 2", the puzzles created from the news of the world! ★

The aim of the crucipuzzle game (or twisted words) is to find and delete some predetermined words among a set of letters, usually shown separately. Once you find all the words in the puzzle, you should create a keyword/key-sentence with the remaining letters in reading order (from left to right, from top down). Typically, you know only the length of each keyword, for example for the key-sentence "twisted words", the length (6, 11) will be known.

iCruciPuzzle brings to iPhone, iPod and iPad the classic twisted words game sticking as much as possible to the real game. The game interface is simple and intuitive.
iCruciPuzzle is the first of its kind to give a chance to find a keyword/key-sentece, just like the paper game!

With "iCruciPuzzle 2" you can play forever! The puzzles will be generated directly from the latest news of the most important newspapers in the world.

Everyday there will be new pieces of news to generate new up-to-date puzzles with. And while you will be playing, you will be unwittingly aware of the latest events and curiosities. If you are curious, you can read the news and share it with a friend.

The countries which have been inserted (with related languages) are:


✓ Germany
✓ Spain
✓ Portugal
✓ France
✓ Italy
✓ Great Britain
✓ Austria
✓ Belgium
✓ Netherlands
✓ Ireland
✓ Sweden


✓ United States
✓ Canada
✓ Mexico


✓ Brazil
✓ Argentina

★ ASIA ★

✓ Singapore


✓ New Zealand
✓ Australia

★ Leave comments and/or send us an e-mail! Your feedback helps us to improve this app!

▶ Contact and info:

email: enricodemichele@gmail.com
web site: www.enricodemichele.com
iCruciPuzzle 2版本2.7中的新功能
iOS 7 compatibility
iCruciPuzzle 2
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iCruciPuzzle 2
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