Fatcat Rush

Fatcat Rush

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一款非常可爱的 3D 休闲过关游戏,游戏的主角是一只可爱的肥猫,它的最大爱好就是,吃,除了吃,还是吃。游戏为全3D画面,场景比较精致,游戏的节奏松紧适宜,适合闲暇时拿出来调剂一下。
Fatcat Rush内容摘要
FATCAT RUSH is a cute'n'perky 3D arcade runner by Finnish indie developer Tomodomo.

“The game is very well done, very cute, and really is a blast to play. Great level design, wonderful controls and physics, along with great scoring does make it a game that you will want to play through completely.”
iTracki.com - 4.6/5

“If you’re looking for a simple, fun game to pass some time, Fatcat Rush is a fantastic choice.“

“I think this game's biggest appeal is going to be with score hounds that like to replay each level to perfection “
TouchArcade - 4/5

• Arcade runner action
• Easy to learn, a challenge to master
• Beautiful handmade 3D graphics
• Perfect for collectors and high score chasers alike
• Apple GameCenter integration
• 20 challenging achievements and collectibles

Tombo is a sumo and sushi loving feline whose appetite leaves others pale in comparison. He lives in a house on the very top of a colossal tower and every week a shipment of his favorite food is sent to him by hot-air balloon. One day the weather takes a turn for the worse and a bold of lightning strikes the balloon. Tombo can't but watch helplessly as the balloon and all of his precios food crash to the ground.

But Tombo being a sumo champion, knows not the feeling of despair but instead feels a burst of resilience (and a growl in his tummy!). He takes a literal leap of faith and dives after the crashing balloon to save the glorious food and to satisfy his ever deepening hunger.

Cats always land on their feet and Tombo know finds himself in the deep underground at the very bottom of his giant tower. The only way is up and it’s best to be quick about it. You don’t want that food to get spoiled!

It's MEOWBUNGA time!
Fatcat Rush版本1.5.5中的新功能
Improves iOS 8 support
Everyplay UI functionality updates
Fatcat Rush
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Fatcat Rush
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